Sunday, April 5, 2009

Surgery Day... .again! March 16, 2009

Well like any other day I started out by waking up ,but this day was a little different than the norm..NO FOOD OR WATER till surgery..ugh! Well surgery is called for 6pm and I have to be at the hospital by 4pm..I can do this. Seriously by 10am I was already dying of thirst..I think it goes back to the old want what you can't was I thirsty. Lucky for me I had a good book , and family and friends to distract me from thirst and nerves.

4pm: Arrive at hospital..pretty much all I am thinking about is how thirsty I am..and ironically enough my wheelchair gets parked in front of a water cooler and coffee station..seriously so not funny..I was ready to take somebody out for a cup of water if I wasn't in a wheelchair and dying of thirst ;)

4:30ish..get taken in to pre-op..get an IV put in..not as good as a cup of water but dehydration is calming down..seriously can't I get an ice cube at least.

5pm- meet w/ the Anesthesiologist I let him know my concerns w/ my lungs from my last surgery..they take extra precautions by giving me a nebulizer treatment just to make sure my lungs are nice and clear..already feeling more confident w/ this hospital and the Dr's.

6pm- No Dr

7pm-No Dr

8pm- Dr Fabulous arrives (ok I am not thinking he is so fabulous at the moment probably due to the fact I am dying of thirst and starvation..ok just had to vent that one more time)

Dr. Fabulous apologizes for being late, and lets me ask my questions that I wrote down ( another sign of a great Dr. is one who lets you ask all your questions, listens, and gives you answers..Dr. fabulous did all that) It is very important to write down any questions or concerns you may have for your surgeon before surgery ,because between the nerves and the starvation component you most likely will not remember what the questions you had are. Anesthesiologist comes back in and says he is giving me something to make me feel more relaxed..1 min later...very relaxed.....alright lets rock!

I think the most nerve racking part of surgery is the time they take you from pre-op to the that ride in is very surreal..the drugs probably make it more surreal, but I say that is the scariest part for me personally.

11pm-Wake up in recovery and literally the first thing I think is "where am I" 2nd thing is "Can I please have a glass of water". Nurse comes over tells me where I am and denys my water request for now (damn..seriously does anyone understand how thirsty I am). I tried to find out what happened during my surgery the nurse told me that the Dr Fabulous told my mom so I will find out later.

Somewhere around 12:30/1am I get brought to my room...nurse comes in does new patient intake, stats, gives me my pain meds (your choice this evening is either morphine or decide), explains the run down of the hospital and then finally gets me a glass of water....I have never enjoyed a glass of water so much!

It was a long night in the hospital..anesthesia difficulty again..not as bad as last time but still not pleasant and somewhat scary....every time I started to fall sleep my oxygen level decreased and a loud buzzer/alarm went off (lucky I had nice roommates)..respiratory team had to come in gave me a little machine to keep blowing in to keep my lungs strong and inflated so there was NO sleep at all for me that night..I did however drink about 13 glasses of water.

Thank you Dad, Mom, N , and all my friends and family who called and sent me well wishes. You all helped me out with your support and keeping my nerves calm prior to surgery! XO

**Ironically enough the one thing that didn't bother me that night was my hip ;)

pics of me in Hospital day 3..glasses courtesy of my friend christopher.

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