Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Months Down...One More To Go!

Day 56 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic

The past 48 hours put me out of commission again..swollen hip again.hurts to move..UGH!
Seriously so sore couldn't even be inspired to get my camera out again this evening..(thank goodness I got my iPhone ;))
On a positive note tonight is the last day after 8 weeks of wearing T.E.D. Anti-Embolism socks..I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to take these darn socks off after 8 weeks of wearing them. First week had to wear them 24/7. The last 7 weeks I had to wear them at all times except when asleep. D did the honors of the last night removal of taking off the  last wearing of these socks (well he had to do it every night because I couldn't but this seemed more special ;)). Seriously magical butterflies should have been flying around my bedroom because this was definitely a well earned milestone/moment : 8 weeks accomplished! Buh-bye T.E.D. Socks!

#1 So first things first..I started a 365 Photo Journey to track my day to day process of my recovery from my hip replacement. I really wanted to do it to help bring hip awareness to as many people as possible, to be able to provide myself and others a photo journey of what's it's like to be a "young" person dealing with major hip issues and multiple surgeries, to give myself at least one moment a day no matter what is going on to get a chance to be creative with photography (which is a true passion of mine), and hopefully I will be able to visually see a huge positive progress with my hip journey. Please feel free to share my 365 Days to Becoming Truly Bionic   photo journey with others: Flickr link to 365:  http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwNA6f3

#2 Dr. A..could stand for "A"mazing! I saw Dr. A for my first follow up a few weeks back and then realized after the visit I forgot to ask half of my questions, so I sent him an email with my list of questions. He got back to me in less than 24 hours with very full answers. When I was at the appt. with him he mentioned to D (my BF) that he noticed that he was talented with the ukulele. D brought it to the hospital to help cheer me up and it is definitely more compact than him bringing his guitar (he even did a jam session with the harpist on my floor!),  so they talked music for a second. As an after thought I emailed Dr. A the video the filmmaker Gary Barmin did of D and one of his songs (that I am also in.) I didn't think he probably had time to watch it ..but hey why not. I then got a second email from Dr. A: It is as follows:

" Dear Sarah,
After I replied to your questions, I  clicked on the  Delvis YouTube site. That is a beautiful song, and the video is excellent and particularly poignant...especially since I have experienced you both as you go through this whole  ordeal and recovery.  I knew Dennis was a musician, having heard him in the  hospital room once or twice, but didn't know he was also a singer. Very well done, indeed, with you both in front of the camera.  I am amazed, as I had no idea that there was so much artistry and talent at hand."
This email actually made me tear up
1. It was so sweet and he took the time to write such a caring and beautiful response
2. I couldn't believe he took the time to watch it
3. It made him more "human" than "surgeon" and I really needed that..he saw me as a person not just as a patient..and being a patient for so long with so many surgeons and Dr's it really just meant a lot to me.

If you want to check out the video I sent to Dr. A of D's song "She Walks In Beauty" starring me and D ;) than you can click here: http://youtu.be/Pc2V_m9mnBc

So since we last spoke it has been sort of a battle with my hip...a battle I plan on winning (see pic on left) ;)  I have been trying to achieve balance by doing some stuff with out over doing it..haven't quite found that balance yet, but working on it. Unfortunately the over doing it has caused sooooooooo much painful swelling that I get mini setbacks. I have spoken with Dr. A and it is par for the course..or my course. So ice packs 24/7 for me..it's the only thing that can get pain under some control, but the swelling is doing funky stuff to my nerves and tendons down my legs which is really really really uncomfortable.
I have started in the past week experimenting a little with using one crutch around my apt which is a big step..literally I am taking bigger steps! I am also officially done as of tomorrow morning with wearing my blood clot socks. I am still on an aspirin regime for another week every morning and evening to help reduce risk of blood clots, but that is better than the shots and wearing those socks. I start outpatient PT after thanksgiving so that will be another milestone, so even though I get frustrated at the pain and the "waiting" as I write I do see how things are still moving forward.
3.  I  celebrated my 37th birthday last week (wow) this whole hip thing started right after my 33rd b-day, so having that birthday kind of made things feel a little surreal that this "hip journey" is still going on, but it is what it is. I had a really great birthday though. I went on my first outing outside of my house post surgery with my Dad, Step-mom, and D for a b-day dinner which was a few milestones rolled up together. I had friends throw me a beautiful surprise get together, I got so many beautiful messages and emails from family and friends near and far, my mom came over with a delicious b-day cake to close off the day..truly it was my best day since surgery and a very HAPPY birthday. D also got me a new lens for my camera as a gift..when I take pics it helps me forget about my hip. It truly was a perfect gift that I have been having soooooo much fun using. When you keep your mind busy it doesn't have time to think about pain :).

So I am still a big work in progress...but "progress" is the key word! Trying to do my best every day.
My goals for the next month would be
1. To start getting some sleep (this has been truly difficult ..it's 4:07 am as I am writing this)
2. to try to get off crutches and switch to cane
3. To get muscles stronger so I can do more
4. To hopefully have swelling become less
5. To achieve better balance (How not to overuse my hip, but use it at the same time)
6. To hopefully be in less pain
I am sure there are more goals I have for myself but those are the first few that popped in my head. I see Dr. A in the middle of Dec and hopefully get my major precautions lifted..I think that will be a big game changer for me!
In the meantime just taking it day by day and trying to remind myself of all the wonderful things that I have that I should be very thankful for!
Until next time..Peace out fellow hipsters and friends. xxoo

Also please feel free to ask me any ?'s about hip stuff in the comment section..I am always available to be of any help to others..and can answer any ?'s the best I can. 

Below are some pics taken with my new lens (including one upbove of d and I right after D gave me the camera lens). All shots were taken in my bathroom except the last one which was in my living room..that's is as far as my body is going to take me for fun with photography at the moment! You can see plenty more also on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46454976@N03/