Monday, April 13, 2009

4 Weeks Out

Wow..seriously has it already been a month! In some ways this has been the longest month of my life, between surgery, hospital stay, nursing home, crutches and extensive bed rest but on the same note I also feel like I can't believe it has already been four weeks (maybe it's the pain meds).

So it is a little disappointing that I am still in soooooooo much pain 4 weeks out, but on the same note I am putting more weight on my hip/leg and I am moving faster on crutches w/ the partial weight bearing, and reduced my pain med intake that my friends I guess is I should be happy about that! I think I will be smiling more once I am getting out and about, driving, working, and lacking pain. I go back to the Dr's at my 6 week mark, and I am also going on vacation on my 6 week one day mark(planned prior to hip falling apart round 2) keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be ok to do this, and maybe with even extra luck I will be doing it off crutches..a girl can only hope:)!

Still Chillaxin at home this week and having visiting OT and PT coming to my house ,and then the following week I will be starting outpatient PT and HOPEFULLY going back to work part time (never thought the words " I can't wait to go back to work" would come out of my mouth but there you have it..I really want to get back to work..I actually miss working.... A LOT)

Sleep is still difficult...hence posting at 1am..again. Just can't get comfortable..I cannot for the life of me remember how long it took me my last hip surgery to be able to lie on my right side when sleeping..hopefully soon I will be able to ,because I don't think I will be getting the sleep I need to heal until that can about a crappy catch -22.

The actual incisions are healing nicely, they are much bigger than the first surgery incisions ,but in the grand scheme of things they are still relatively small and the least of my worries because they are healing..yay! Not much else to my progress report at this moment is healing slowly but surely...but they do say good things come to those who's hoping they are right! Cheers!


  1. Hi Sarah! I had a total hip replacement 1 year and 4 months ago. It was done laproscopically, so my healing was faster than most. But, because of my SLE Lupus, I healed slowly (with everything)and stayed in PT for 6 months (until Medicare threw me out). I feel sooooooooo much better and can walk, stand still and do pretty much anything now, except for getting out of a leather recliner! Hang on. The best is yet to come. Were you ever tested for Lupus (a blood test)? Do you know if you may have an autoimmune disease (there are many, many). This is genetic, as is my secondary fibromyalgia. Why may want to research both Lupus and Fibromyalgia. This was the reason the cartiledge was missing from my hip joint and I was breaking the joint bones. I have now a knee, both thumbs and a mess for a spine, all due to Lupus/Fibromyalgia. I'm had lots of other problems to survive this miserable life and you know what.....I keep going with the antitude that this disease will not run my life. So I stay VERY busy, do take whatever I'm prescribed and move on!!
    Somehow, since I tire easily, and have wonderful friends and the best husband in the world (along with my doctor who I adore and trust.....he wrote the textbook on Lupus for Medical Schools....Dr. Daniel Wallace,
    I just keep going and enjoying my life as best I can. And when I'm tired, I rest....
    You will feel so much better when you learn how to "hear" your body before you get too overdone with activities..
    Gevelt! Enuf!!!! Carry on or if you would like to write me, please do. Perhaps I can help you even at this distance. Luv ya.....

  2. Thank you so much for all the useful info and the positive support!!!! I have never been checked for lupus, but I will mention it to my primary care dr next time I see him..any info is always helpful and I greatly appreciate it! :) Glad your hip is doing well!!!!!!!