Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hipster in Paradise

My Hipster and I truly needed a vacation! ;)

4 months post surgery and I took another vacation (hey why not..I got to make up for lost time) this time no crutches and no cane, just 3 great people, and a mindset ready for a fun, fabulous, and pain free trip!
Destination: St Martin/Sint Maarten Mission: Accomplished

I am definitely a different woman from 2 1/2 months ago when I traveled to California. For beginners ..

*The plane ride didn't irritate my hip (I didn't
even need my trusty ice pack:)

I went swimming in the ocean

*I was walking on my own

I went snorkeling!!!

I even did some dancing at the clubs!

If you told me two months ago that I would have been walking down a beach and swimming in the ocean I would have thought you were plain crazy, but here I am returning from fun in the sun and my hip is still in one piece AWESOME! (I am definitely able to do much more now than I could after my first hip surgery, so I definitely feel something worked this time around)

Of course my hip wasn't perfect...for all you other "hipsters" out there.. walking in the sand didn't agree w/ my hip, but swimming felt great! Flippers for snorkeling became to heavy after awhile, but I did get in about an hour total of good snorkeling. I also tried to move around a lot so my hip didn't get to stiff on the plane or at the beach. I did pack my cane w/ me for a "just in case" moment (that was Dr. orders), but that moment never happened:). I brought my pain meds w/ me, but didn't need them at all , but I did use my tens unit to help w/ some pain management after my days at the beach which did the trick!

Awesome Vacation N, J and D...Paradise is Nice.... especially w/ you guys!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Blog Of Thanks/ AKA The Hipster Awards

"It takes a village to raise a child" is a quote that came running through my head after my overwhelming amount of responses from my last post (thanks for reading my blog y'all)...and it has taken a mighty big village to help me and my hipster over the past few I think a special "Thank You Post" is definitely needed...(also there is no rhyme and reason to the order of thanks..just think of it as one big Thank You..because you are all first in my heart)
** I will not be covering the "thank you" for car rides in this post since I think I did a sufficient job of it in my last need to reiterate ;)

Mom: Thank You for being w/ me 24/7 during my first two weeks post surgery, for all the groceries, and for your love, caring, and support..glad your nursing skills came in handy w/ this child of yours..sorry you have to use them so often w/ me xo

Dad: Thank you for being you, for being there as well as for keeping me positive and strong during my surgeries and hospitalizations, for keeping me afloat when I couldn't do it on my own due to circumstances beyond my control, for our fun lunches, for all the rides to my dr's apt's, hospital visits, and surgeries, and for always being there for me..always!!!! xo

E- For Keeping me fashionable while recovering:) For making me my favorite soups when I couldn't cook for myself, for being there for me even when you were having your own surgery, for all your love and support! xo

My Siblings:
For always being there, for making me laugh, you are my loves and I am so lucky to have the greatest siblings in the world! xo

Nicola: Thank You for breaking me out of "Shady Acres" and letting me literally take over your pad, dude you gave me your bed for two that's a friend! Thank you for always being a friend through the good and bad, for traveling w/ me while I was on crutches, packing for me while I was on crutches, shopping for me while I was on crutches, pretty much helping me out w/ everything...Thank you!

Nance in the Pants: Thank you for breaking me out of "Shady Acres" as well and for "having a talk" w/ my captor at Shady Acres and convincing her to let me go! Thank you for my gluten free dinners and muffins that kept me fed for many days! You made Gluten Free food tasty..not an easy task! Thank you for always being there for me!

Jaxs: Thank you for making Mondays Fun even on crutches/cane, for driving an extra hour a day to get my butt to work, for always keeping me laughing, and for not letting me hibernate when I thought I wanted to..see you know me better than me ;)

KK: Thank You for keeping me employed:) For the groceries, the rides, the dinners, the laughs, for organizing my room when I couldn't (not that I was a super organized person to begin w/ actually thank you for organizing my room ;) Thank you for my "fancy cane and for keeping me creative by working on our "band" even while I was injured and for just being Special K!!

My Grandparents:
For your strength, positiveness, love, and support! For being such great role models of strength and well being! xox

Thanks for the rides in the wheelchair (not counting the wheelies ;) ) and for all the million of HOURS of conversing about my hipster and for being there for me even when you are over 3,000 miles away! Thank You for helping me experience Joshua Tree National Park even when I couldn't walk! Also Thank you for my L.A. Hat ;)

X: For making me LMAO in the hospital and for my Chapstick (I used the whole thing)..also Thank you for our day w/ Lars and The Real Girl...looooved it!

Delvis: Thank You for literally saving my life in the nursing home, and don't worry I haven't forgot that I still owe you for that! :) Thank you for keeping my mind off my hipster w/ all the laughter, fun times, talks, music, movie watching, and magazines, as well as introducing Steve Earle into my life to keep me musically happy when I was not happy myself!

Mikey: My partner in pain..Thanks for ALL the advice, for being co-president of our support group, and oh yea for convincing me to take that anti-inflammatory med..actually second thought I take the last part back about the meds, it wasn't a Thank you I was thinking of ;-p (JK) and a future Thank You for co-starring/co-writing w/ me in our future adventure show!

JL: For keeping me fully stocked w/ Vampire made my recovery a lot more enjoyable when my thoughts were filled w/ Bill, Eric, and Edward!

Judy "My Medical Advocate": For not letting the hospital get away w/ anything shady..and Thank You for all you positiveness, love, and phone calls!

DB/Satelyte Girl: For keeping me filled w/ hope by providing me w/ some Paulo Cohello, for being an amazing role model on how to deal w/ things out of your control, for your wit that always keeps me laughing, and for Truly Understanding!

My Roomie: Thank you for doing all the cleaning while I have not been able to, even though I am sure the house is cleaner for it ;)

AMY: For all the supportive Phone Calls and for letting me vent!

LW: For two of my loves..Dexter and Twilight..perfect entertainment to get my mind off my hipster..Thank You!

Maria: For your supportive words, for picking up the components for my "Hipster Book", for checking in on me when I was on bed rest, and for your kindness!

Dew: For many many many Movies..the Arabic component made it even more entertaining..even though at first I thought my pain meds were playing tricks on me ;)

V and T (The best PT Dudes in the Biz): For keeping me as pain free as possible and for not giving up on me and my Hipster..Thanks for the positiveness..and especially the massages ;) !

Susie Q- For inspiring me w/ her blog and for all the 411..THANK YOU!

Auntie KR and Becca: For delivering me food and love..Delicious and Fun

Dr. Fabulous: For not Killing me during Surgery (just kidding..well I mean I am glad you didn't) Thank You for being a fabulous Dr. who listens to his patients..there should be more Dr's like you!

My Work Peeps: For picking up the slack..hey what can I guys are the best and I work w/ the greatest group of peeps! And for keeping my hair looking good when I could not! ;) **Also a shout- out to our clients at work..what a supportive and caring community I work in ...Thank you so much!!!!

MY ONLINE SUPPORT: Thank you to ALL my friends and family who write me words of support via e-mail, FB, or twitter means so much to me!!!!

and last but not least My Left Hip: Thank you for not giving out on me, because w/ out your "support" I would have totally been screwed ;)

Honestly these words don't even begin to express my gratitude and thanks I have for each and everyone of you..Thanks for being there for me through my most difficult part of my life I have experienced thus far!!!!

Ok, if this was the academy awards the music would be playing and they would so be kicking me off the stage by this point so I am sorry if I have forgot to thank anyone, and if I have I will be sure to dedicate my next post to you!!!!

I am one lucky woman to be surrounded by an amazing group of caring and wonderful people..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

*** Ray -Ray rock!****