Monday, December 13, 2010

One Aggravated Hip and Hipster!!!

OK! Where shall I begin.... I don't want to come off as one very angry hipster..I prefer to be a more chill hipster, but that may not be the case at the moment....due to ONE my apt with DR M. this past monday he put out the word "THR"!!!!!!!!!!

For all you non-hipsters THR=Total Hip Replacement. Now if I am not mistaken I just spent the past 4 years of my life undergoing 3 surgeries and 3 recoveries so I would not have to have a THR, because it was not recommended for someone my age. For Reals!!! I am at a lost for words..which is very unusual for me ;)
So at this moment I am awaiting a day surgery in January at BI hospital since I am now officially to old for Children's to have a diagnostic procedure on my hip joint. According to DR. M it just may have been to late to save my hip with the "conservative method" due to the arthritis in my hip from all the cartilage damage and lack of labrum. Again for all you non-hipsters..A THR (in most circumstances) would have been a much easier surgery and recovery than the surgery I had this past year. Also a THR will not fix my psoas tendon issue caused by my previous surgeries..again lost for words. He is not quite sure how my psoas tendon will turn out..there is not a lot he feels like he can's a very tricky tendon that has been inflamed for years. Immobilization of it will only make my hip worse and doing surgery on it could risk making the tendon worse..can I  say WTF on here..well it's my blog and I just did! I told you I was angry!
At this point I am still using my cane for distance, still can't drive (that "drives" me crazy) and still in physical therapy. My physical therapist has been amazing and is not quite giving up on me and my hip like I feel Dr M is at the moment. He is still all about strengthening my weak and atrophied muscles, protecting my tendons, and trying to get my hip to work as best as it possibly can..Yay PT Guy.... my hip and I thank you!!!!!!!!
I will leave this post off on a happy note..don't want to be now labeled as the "Angry Hipster" ;)!!!  "D" got me a puppy...(take a look back to my post on "Puppy Love") and I was right puppies really are the best medicine!!