Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rockin Out / Hipster Style

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to see 3 Concerts...A weekend full of music is my kind of weekend! Of course I did have a little concern about my hip...Standing w/ crowds of people..lots of walking...would there be comfortable seating...all things I never thought about prior to my hip falling apart, but now they are thoughts that run through my mind, because I don't want a fun time to turn out to be a bad time due to my Hipster. So here I am to report back to all you fellow "hipsters" what it was like to go to concerts on a bad hip...


Sat nights show: I decided to be even more experimental(lets call it a science experiment) by wearing heels to the concert (look, I never claimed to always make sense), but I really wanted to dress up to go out to Boston, and I felt heels looked better w/ my dress (plus I haven't worn heels in so long and I really miss wearing them). I also felt that I am 34 years old, and I didn't want to feel like I couldn't get dressed up due to my damn hip. Some of my friends did warn me that this may not be the brightest plan I ever had, but I still did it (yes, I am stupidly stubborn at times). Well lucky for me there were seats available at the bar that night where "Band of Skulls" was performing (by the way..AWESOME should check them out) so I did get to sit, but I did get up at times to get close to where the band was...maybe heels wasn't the best idea..My hip was not feeling so "well" by the end of the night ..lesson learned and hey it was for science ;) But If I didn't wear heels then it wouldn't have been a problem at all.

Sun and Mon Concerts
First off, I wore comfy shoes..see I told you..lesson learned ;)
I did have seats for these shows...Having a guaranteed seat is definitely helpful! I did get up to stretch on quite a few occasions because the seats were not "cozy seats". I would say out of everything the walking from the parking lot to my actual seats irritated my hip the most, but since it was for the love of music I guess a little pain is alright;)

Overall concerts and a person 5 months post hip surgery do well together..good to know since I got a few more shows coming up in the next few weeks ;) Rock on!