Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waiting In Limbo!

My ode to "Blue" My Favorite Color and my Current Mood!
Sorry I haven't written much lately, but my hip life has been in limbo. I saw Dr. W for my 2nd opinion, but unfortunately he had a total opposite opinion than Dr. R (You don't understand how that could be...I don't understand either..they both had the same MRI and X-rays).
Dr. W feels I could still have a lot of issues with pain post hip replaement and possible risk for side effects due to my particular hip and body? He also said the surgery will not help my psoas issue either...ugh! I was suppose to hear back from Dr. W last week after he spoke to a few other Dr's at Baptist Hospital to discuss my case as well as talk to Baptist's radiologist to discuss my MRI's from Children's, and get their opinion. He was suppose to get back to me within 48 hours, but it has been over a week and still no call. I have left messages for him at his office, they keep saying he will call me back, but nothing yet. They also said I just got to keep calling him to stay on top of him. I am not sure why I need to chase him down to get answers to an appointment I already paid for when he promised me he was going to get back to me asap with the information he couldn't give me at he appointment. Getting in touch with a surgeon is almost as difficult as getting a call through to the President (well not that I ever tried to call the President, but I imagine there is a big level of difficulty with doing that ;) )! This is why it has been so hard for me to write a post, because for the first time I am speechless. I really don't know what to say. Also I was told early on in life " If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all"......... ;)

So until I get more info I am at a standstill with my hip and my pain, and with a complete lack of understanding on what to do next. Unfortunately my hip has been feeling worse lately (the awful cold rainy weather we are having currently here isn't helping the situation). I am thinking the only move at this point while I am waiting is...A. a third opinion or B. moving to Hawaii (just to help with the weather situation at least)????

So while I am waiting in "limbo land" I do have some cool/interesting news to pass on that has put a smile on my face;)
1. Me and a few of my "hipster" friends have made it onto the Millennial Medical In-Motion Crutches website along with 26 professional athletes! Yes us "hipsters" are a strong bunch!!! Very cool to see us ladies with hip "issues" being represented !!  I am picture #27 (same pick that is to the left of this post):
They are the best crutches (and they are DEFINITELY not paying me to say, and they have lasted me two years so far. I am due for another pair soon especially with my upcoming surgery (whenever that may be). Maybe they can hook me up with some sparkly pink ones now that I am on their website ..wink wink;)
2. My boyfriend made his first official music video and my hip story is kind of in it (a twisted version, but nonetheless). You can check that out here:
You can also check out my other blog to get the full story on this music video:

Video Still From "She Walks In Beauty"
Once I hear back from Dr. W I will give you a better update! Until then..Peace!