Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Me and My Psoas

I haven't posted in a bit, because I haven't had a whole lot to say on everything hip ;)
Current Situation is as follows 7 months post surgery:
*Can walk in apartment without my cane
*Need to use a cane for any other kind of distance/ stairs/ etc..
* Still doing Aquatic Therapy twice a week, and the other days I am doing my stationary bike at home for 30 minutes plus all my PT stretches
*Taking 800mg of Motrin 3 times a day  to try to help with my inflamed psoas tendon...first course of action to try to make it "calm down" (I seem to be able to only handle it twice a day due to my stomach...motrin can cause ulcers and feel pretty harsh in your system..they have me on prilosec and zantac to help)
*Still Can't Drive (UGH) due to weakness in right leg/ and irritated psoas tendon/ and the major muscle near my hip that was cut through is not bouncing back currently...fingers crossed it will soon.
*Still can't do stairs "normally" due to psoas tendon and muscle
*This Just In:  I also have IT band tendinitis now as well as psoas ...excellent..notice sarcasm! Pretty much to help either one of these tendons/ tendinitis..it will hurt the other...talk about your catch-22..double ugh! I have a call into Dr M about this.
* Pain has increased but I am not taking any pain meds except for the motrin. I am using ice packs and my E-Stim kit.
* Need to get insoles for shoes and make sure I have appropriate sneakers and no heels (like I didn't already know that/learn my lesson ;)) My PT guy said the two No-No's for feet wear post hip surgery are Uggs and flipflops..so I guess my Ugg flipflops were a mistake to wear all summer...now he tells me! He also said my walk is a little bit off..I move my right leg in a more circular motion ....he said my body is doing it naturally to protect my psoas tendon, but now because of it my IT band is irritated. So I guess I  need to learn how to walk on one leg... ;) Ok.. being sarcastic again ;)


My status through my eyes currently is as follows:
In a much better place than I was 2 months ago, but I am not better than before surgery, if anything it is worse. My psoas tendon is even more irritated (this has been an issues since surgery #1), and now I have this IT band/muscle "issue".   Honestly I have no idea how my hip feels. I have a deep ache and pain under my incision, but I have no idea if that is from my hip/ screws in hip/ arthritis/ IT band/ inflammation/or scar tissue. I am 7 months post surgery and I know Dr. M said I really got to give it a year to see if it worked (that is when we are scheduled to meet again) so hopefully time will heal these wounds ;)

My current philosophy is take it day by day, and even go one step further by just trying to stay in the moment I am in. I am trying to stay away from the what if's and all the other stress my hip has been putting upon me (yes.. I am blaming my hip).

This post is really for my fellow hipsters (and anyone who is curious on the status of my right hip ;) ) I don't want to discourage anyone..just putting out there where I am at in my own personal recovery. The jury is still out for me if these surgeries actually work or not ...hopefully they do!!!!!