Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and it all began...2006

December 23rd 2006. It started like any other day for me ,had a training session w/ my trainer at the gym at 11:30 and as always I was totally pumped for a good workout. I remember walking into the gym that day thinking that I felt like I was in the best shape of my life and I was hitting the goals I wanted for myself physically.

The first half of the session went smoothly..a good sweat..pushing myself a little further.....and then came the squats. At first I started feeling a twinge of pain in my top half of my right leg but in my mind I kept telling myself push through it, it must mean that my muscle was a little weak and I wasn't going to give into it. It got to be about the 12th squat and my leg was actually starting to shake uncontrollably at that point I couldn't ignore it so I decided to take a break and walk it off. I continued the work out in pain..but in my head I kept saying no pain no gain..plus I had always seem to get pains in that upper right side when I had a really hard work out so in my mind that is what it took to strengthen that particular muscle group..I felt it was my weak spot.

Unfortunately the pain continued to get worse as the day went on..I tried ice..lots of stretching, rest but it seem to get worse and the pain in my upper right thigh was spreading into my groin area and down my right leg to the point that I was limping. I believed I must have pulled a muscle so i decided to take a break from the gym for a few days..plus it was the holiday time of year so I tried to focus on that and forget about the pain that was radiating down my leg.

I made it till Jan 2nd and woke up that morning in the worst pain of my life..it literally felt like someone was cutting the circulation off from my leg and the pain was so bad in the right side of my groin area I decided I had to go to the emergency room to check it out..after hours of waiting, pain med injections, and Mri's I was told that I had a muscle pull/groin pull and that I should stay off my leg for a few weeks and make an apt to follow up w/ an orthopedic Dr, use crutches for 2 weeks to stay off my leg, no working out, and no driving, I was so upset but happy that nothing major was wrong.......or so I thought.