Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feb 17th 2009-/aka OMG is this seriously happening again

Backtrack for a moment..was having more pain than usual in my hip for a few weeks decided to get a cortisone injection on Feb 11th.

Feb 17th
Started off like a regular day..went to work..busy busy busy..hip still feeling a twinge weird since cortisone injection but kept on working..about 1/2 way through the day I started limping which hasn't happened since before my first surgery..I chalked it up to my cortisone injection irritating my hip and tried to do the best I could at work. Getting close to the end of the work day I took a break to sit down when I went to get up from my chair I felt a horrific that brought me to tears (at work you can catch me laughing or smiling but never crying..but it hurt that bad) I couldn't put any weight on it and not only was I in A LOT of pain I pretty much new what was happening..I have felt this before and i new my hip just had much for the conservative methods of treatment (hey I gave it my best shot) I called Dr. Fabulous and he got me in at 8am the next morning.

Dr. Fabulous told me that my hip had so much swelling that they had to put me on predisone and that they couldn't do the MRI arthrogram until swelling was it was crutches, meds, ice, and bedrest for a week. Got the Arthrogram done ..again ( this time took pain meds before test and it went much better..less pain during test and actually fell asleep during the MRI only took 3 times to learn that trick) Surgery was booked for March 16th..Dr. Fabulous was going on vacation and was very booked up ,but because he is so fabulous he squeezed me into his schedule on his off night of surgery and the day before his vacation since my pain was so bad , see I told you he was fabulous ;)

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