Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Ode to My Hip

It has been six months since my last surgery I had on my hip
and now here I am stuck in bed again trying to get a grip

I do not blame it on the heels, my vacations, or being on my feet at work
I would like to blame it on my first surgeon because i think he is a jerk

I am on pain medcation and muscle relaxers until wednesday at one
then I get to meet with Dr. Fabulous to find out what now can be done

I spent last Thurs in the ER due to sickness from meds and for extreme hip pain
They did their best to help me feel better then sent me home on crutches not a cane

It seems that I have a psoas muscle that is injured from my previous surgeries and now it is to tight
and a hip that seems to be re torned which now is keeping me up through out the night

Four days in bed and counting is truly quite a pain
with a situation like this you wish you could have someone to blame

Hopefully my Dr's this time will figure out the right course of action
I did schedule a second opinion though for my own satisfaction

I am hoping now this will be the last time I will have to be put on bed rest for my hip
because this experience I wish could have been a part of my life that I could have skipped

But for some reason this is the experience that my life has put in front of me
so hopefully after this my hip will last me till I am at least one hundred and three

I said to my sister it's so hard to describe the pain because my head is in such a fog
but she told me she did understand because she has been reading my blog

Thanks for the good laugh tonight Ray -Ray I needed it!

I never claim to be a poet but I am getting a little bored of just writing paragraphs about my hip so I thought I would have some" fun" telling my current situation in a different manner..or hey it could be all the pain meds too...;)