Monday, April 26, 2010


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." 

I found this quote on the internet and I had to "borrow" it for this post.
I am currently/officially 2 months post surgery and it still hasn't been that easy for me....yet!  Pain is still a main issue, I am still on crutches, I have major swelling in my hip, still need to use a wheelchair, still on pain meds, still can't go out of the house on my own (have actually only left the house twice for fun), and still can't drive. To be quite frank it is a pretty depressing time, but I am not writing to bring you all down w/ me (well I think I am not ;) ) What I want to write about is the puppy factor....
My neighbor has a bunch of pug dogs, and the past couple of days he has been kind enough to let me have 2 1/2 hour sessions of puppy day w/ Diesel (the white pug and the other w/ Gus the little black puppy pug) and let me tell you as I held the puppies all those things I mentioned above went out the window..actually I didn't even think about my hip at all..I was on a total pure puppy high.  Normally to achieve this kind of pure happiness it takes a beautiful beach day, a vacation, a fabulous time out w/ friends, a great time w/ my family, a romantic night out w/ someone you love, a great work out, seeing a favorite singer or band live...all things I currently cannot do.  I realized I can't change my current situation "hipster" is what it is..but I can change my mental well being by giving myself these happy holding a puppy, listening to my ipod and tuning out w/ some of my favorite tunes, laughing and talking about anything besides my hip when friends and family come over (or chat via skype..ray -ray), practice my guitar (it has been awhile), sitting outside on a sunny day and reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee ...  find these happy moments that take you out of your pain..It is easier said than done...for sure.. but w/ that said I am hoping that Gus and Diesel will be out again tomorrow because puppy love is better for pain than vicodin any day and it doesn't make you feel sick :)  On that note fellow hipsters and friends I am going to work on finding and enjoying my little happy moments at home to help me get through this hard moment in my life :) I hope you all are well and enjoying all the small things in life too :)

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