Thursday, April 15, 2010

Funny Thing Happened On The Way Into Bed..........

Well maybe not so funny...;) I sprained my wrist and hurt my tendon on my left hand..ok not so funny...especially when you are on crutches...but if I don't laugh at this situation ..I'll cry..and there is no crying on bedrest...ok there is....but lets just say it could have been worse. Had to take a trip via ambulance to the hospital to check my wrist out..they put it in a splint and now I type w/ my left hand and have a little more difficulty w/ my crutches..great (note sarcastic tone).  Thank goodness though I did not break it and that I have great OT and PT to help me compensate for a bad wrist to help my bad hip (thanks boys) my surgeon said "you had to go and make this more difficult for me" ;)

Overall w/ an adjustment to a better splint and having my restrictions lifted at my 6 week check up (will get to that in a minute) I have been able to manage..just took a few days to get there.  Thank you Nicole, Jodi, and Nancy for spending the day w/ me in the hospital and for "babysitting" me at night xox
So on to the next chapter..I had my 6 week check up (yes I am double blogging..I don't think there is any written rule about two stories in one blog post and if so..whatever..lets break some rules..I am bored anyways ;) )  My 6 week check-up started off in dramatic fashion..hey why not..w/ the wrist and the crutches I couldn't make it down the stairs so I had to go to the hospital by friend Jaxson went for the ride w/ me which made the ambulance ride even more exciting.  The perk of going by ambulance to your check-up at the hospital is that they totally rush the process..I was x-rayed immediately and was seen pretty quickly and then we were taken back by another ambulance all in time to watch zombieland on on-demand by 2:00pm..not bad ;) Thank you Jaxson for making my hospital visit as fun as it can be for a hospital visit and for your support! xoxo
6 week check up wrap up:
-Hip Bone Healing Very Well
-No more impingement ;)
-Swelling in hip normal
-Right Foot has poor circulation due to inactivity and swelling (it turns purple every time I sit) doing foot exercises to help and keeping eye out for calf swelling to make sure I have no blood clots
-Will still have some pain due to arthritis/ cartilage damage prior to surgery that is unfixable
-Next 6 week Main goal..Strengthen my leg (muscles) so I can get off crutches..go to cane..then be a free woman
-Precautions all lifted..can bend and move w/ out watching my 90 degree angles and 20 degree freeing..yay!
-Can sleep on my side again (YAY) **warning that does hurt a lot at first..only can sleep on my non- operated side w/ a pillow between my legs..but it feels good I don't have to always be lying on my back and I can stretch out more now..which is good for the rest of body :)
-can try to go out and do some social things (in moderation) Bed arrest is OVER!!!!!
-Dr M  is setting me up w/ a pain clinic to manage my pain meds and  said they may add more pain meds to help me through what he says may be the most painful part of my healing , because w/ intense PT on a atrophied leg like mine w/ soft tissue issues there will be lots of pain, but he said I need to push through it so I can get to the other at least it will be managed by Dr's who know how to deal w/ pain meds and pain..good!

Next visit we can talk about driving and Intense Physical Therapy here I dad even got me a stationary bike to use at I will be cruising through recovery ;) Thank you Dad!!! xoxo

Also I got to have day of beauty by my friends Christina and Marla at my home..I got my hair cut,colored, and blown was so nice to feel girly makes a big difference...I feel more like myself and that is AWESOME and sooooooo appreciated..Thank You so Much Christina and Marla xoxox


  1. Hang in there i am 50 years old and i all so have had my hip replaced twice. One thing, it will take time for it to heal. please take it easy and it will all come together. time is all u will need,but its been 18 years seance i had my last one and i still have major pain in it. just take easy and just let it heal.Good Luck

  2. Hi,

    I hope your recovery is going well. I am a sales rep with the company that makes your crutches, the In-Motion spring crutches. Would you "like" our facebook page and perhaps post a comment and pic of you using the crutches. Thanks.

  3. Sure! Your crutches have made all the difference in my recovery!!!!! Amazing product! I tell everyone about them..they are always asked about when I am on them...I think almost every PT person I have had and nurse has tried them out because they are fascinated by them!

  4. @JR: I also passed the info along to my other Hip Chicks who are on FB! Your crutches are a HUGE hit for us HIPSTERS!