Sunday, May 9, 2010

!!!?&?%$#@!!&*!!!!! and more

Seriously back at the hospital again..%$#@!!!
Trying to keep my blog "clean", so I will refrain from what was really going on in my mind when my Dr's office said I needed to go to Children's Hospital emergency room to get checked out.  So to back track a moment I have been making some progress w/ weight bearing and physical therapy, but then there started increase swelling next to my incision a tennis ball lump...that was warm to the off to Children's I went.  After an ultra sound, 3 Dr's, iv fluid, blood tests, meds and 8 hours in a room in the ER  I was released w/ a mummy leg..see picture ...  No infection..yay, but swelling isn't probably going to disappear for awhile so they thought some good old fashion compression would help..but to compress this swelling it would take 7 ace bandages ,because it needs to be compressed from my toes to my belly and this is the only way along w/  resting it. After 4 days of compression and ace bandages falling off PT guy, and I decided to give it a break for a few and just rest it and I will be seeing my surgeon in a few weeks (he was in Hawaii during all this at a "medical conference"..aloha Dr M) so I think I will see what he has to say....since my white cell and red cell count wasn't bad I am deciding not to stress over the swelling until Dr M says there is something to stress about...not that I am giving Dr M permission to stress me out ;)

So w/ all this swelling and "visiting" hospitals..I am still dealing w/ the fact my hip is causing me a great deal of pain, and my pain meds are not cutting it and the swelling is just making the pain worse so Dr M at my 6 week apt told me he wanted to go to a pain clinic because w/ the increase PT there would be increase pain..maybe he had ESP about the swelling that would be ahead..hmmmm...well that aside I did have my first apt (as well as my 2nd and third..loooong story) at the pain clinic this week. Had some difficulty getting paperwork all settled..I mean THEY had difficulty getting the paperwork settled, then they prescribed me and had me take meds that were WAY TO STRONG but now I am on a 12mg Fentanyl is strong, but no where near as strong as the 25mg..I am definitely in a lot less pain at the moment (actually I can't feel my hip at all), but I am having some icky side effects currently,but they told me that would take about 5 days or so to subside..I will have to get back to you all on that.  So on that note that is what is going on right now and if this blog doesn't make sense blame it on the patch, because that is what I will do ;)

Thank You to my "hospital entourage" Dad, Ellen, Dennis, Jessica, Carrie, and Pete for keeping me company during a really stressful night ..greatly appreciate it!xo
Thank you Nicole for the beautiful flowers and for cheering me are an amazing friend!!xo
Thank You Nancy for coming over and making me forget the hipster w/a fun movie xox
Thank You Mom, Dennis, Nicole, and Dan for a fun first afternoon out...much needed for my mental well being which is also important! (also a shout out to "Lee Harvey" for great entertainment on my first afternoon out)
Thank you to Dennis, Mark, Liz, and Carrie for helping me out through my rough day/ night on the 25mg glad you guys were there ...xoxo
Thank you to my "little" bro Sammy for visiting me and cheering me up was sooooo awesome seeing you (and I do remember..LOL)

ps. Thanks to my hip twin MP who gave me a tip on these great sneakers (see pic on side) that feel absolutely amazing on my hip and foot!!! Love Them!






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  1. oh poor you.. sending healing vibes your way..

  2. awwwww Thank You Louisa...I appreciate it!!! :)

  3. Good luck on the patch. I was on the 25 dose and once it was time to get off it was the most horrible thing ever. I did do it cold turkey, but swore I'll never go on the patch again. Hopefully you can manage pain and recovery will come quickly.
    Good luck

  4. Hi Brick..Thank You for the you mind me asking how long you were on the patch and even though I kinda don't want to know the answer I am letting my curiosity and fear get the best of me and would love to know why it was the most horrible thing ever because I am scared of what will happen once I stop it as well..I am happy though w/ the pain relief I am getting from it but I am hoping that being on this med will be very short term. Thank You very much:)