Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well this is a different kind of blog entry...part present/ part past..just like the show maybe the show seeps in to my subconscious more than I know...I am referencing it left and right lately;)  Well here is the deal..I have been out of the hospital for 2 weeks now..but I had to backtrack on my blog to get to this point right now....which is me on the porch in my wheelchair soaking up the sunshine on an almost 80 degree day in miracles can happen.  Due to the kindness of mother nature I am sitting outside recovering instead of being trapped indoors..thank goodness for porches attached to apts and sunshine :)

So First off...I can't explain how beyond happy I am to be out of the hospital....3 WEEKS...was way to long..Originally I thought I would be in the hospital for a week max so it was a hard pill to swallow when it turned into 3 weeks..I did mean to use that deal w/ it ..haha;)

To be real..being at home hasn't been a piece of cake by any means, but being in an environment that is familiar, that is warm, where you can do what you want and not getting waken up every 10 minutes for someone to take your temperature is a huge upgrade to say the least.  Bummer part is that I am still confined,  still dependent on others (but becoming a little more independent each day thanks to handy gadgets and my slick skills due to being a surgery patient Kitchen tasks, and showering can be difficult, but w/ some help from OT I am doing a little better. Also now that I have a detachable shower nozzle I am almost self suffecient in taking showers..only help I need is the shower bench to be put into the bathroom and to help my long leg that is attached to my hipster into the shower ...but the rest is all me..yay for my independence! The kitchen can be hard but between my wheelchair , crutches, reachable items that don't require any bending, and the bridging system (moving items along from one location to another like a bridge..very helpful when you are on crutches since you don't have extra hands) have made me somewhat independent until I drop or spill something then..uh o!

I have been getting a visiting nurse, visiting PT,  and Visiting OT  during the week to tend to all my health care needs.  I have my crutches and wheelchair to get me around the apt.  I got my shower seat and raised toilet seat to help me in the bathroom...and all my other hip tools to help w/ socks,  and clothes...a lot of acessories for this hip chick, but  then again I am a sucker for acessories. ;)

People keep saying awwwww.."I wish I could be on bed rest"..""I need a vacation" (trust me.. I need a vacation too)...I am going to put this myth to rest for good...bed rest is not restful.  Pain is pretty hard core currently so resting in itself just isn't comfortable...I am a side sleeper, but for now I can only lie on my back..which makes sleepless. Also when you are in a lot of pain focusing on tv, movies, books, and company truly isn't that easy because you are just in to much pain.  Now That I am 5 1/2 weeks post surgery and I am still on pain meds I am resting a little more comfortably than I was 2 weeks some of those things now help me take my mind off the pain a little more.. which is nice...but if I had a  choice I would rather be using this time to be doing things that are more moral of the story..don't be jealous of bed just ain't fun :) and for my fellow's a time where you pretty much have to grin and bear it and no that eventually things start to get better.  I do notice improvements week to week and even though my hip still hurts like body itself is starting to feel stronger..which is a good sign!

My visiting PT guy hooked me also by lifting the couch w/ planks of wood so I can lie down and watch TV (I may have shed a few tears on his first visit when he told me I couldn't lay down on the couch, because of the height and it would break my hip precautions) All I wanted to do after 3 weeks in the hospital was lie down and watch some movies in the living room, especially when company was over...crowding everyone in your bed is not an ideal way to entertain....well unless your hugh hefner, but thats a different story all together ;)  Sitting in my wheelchair for any extended period of time is not very comfortable for my hip. The next time MR. PT showed up he walked in w/ an armful of wood and made one of my wishes come true by raising the couch ;) awwwwww

So that's pretty much it..hey I am on bed really there isn't a whole lot of excitement to next time...later hipsters xox

ps. Thank You D for giving me home sweet home xox
pps. Thank You to all my vistors for keeping me company, helping me out, and distracting me from my pain sooooooo appreciated xoxo
ppps. Showtime ran a free weekend last weekened and I got to do a marathon of Dexter Season 4..amazing acting/ awesome show/kept me on the edge of my seat (definitely a mind distractor) should check it out :)

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