Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life w/ out Precautions AKA The Next Chapter !

FREEDOM!! (ok well partial freedom I am still on crutches and can't drive..but lets keep this positive ;) ) FREEDOM!!! So after my 6 week check up w/ Dr M I got my precautions more bed rest, no more 90 degree /20 degree more constant worrying that I will dislocate my hip...let me tell you how much better I feel mentally having those precautions lifted...I am a whole new woman...kinda ;)  It does feel amazing to have certain worries be taken off the table and it gives you that light at the end of the tunnel feeling back..can you tell I am feeling a little bit more warm and fuzzy inside. 

So now I am sure you all are waiting to ask me what I did w/ my new found freedom....guess!!  If you guessed I totally took advantage of it and may have went a little overboard and did to much, because I was so excited to have a little more control over my life and body again and wanted to feel like a 35 year old woman instead of an injured patient...than you guess right..and if I had to do it all over again I probably would have down the same thing...sometimes you need to say "screw it" and not just to putting screws in your hips to fix it (c'mon you had to see that one coming)

So my first weekend of Freedom:

Friday: did some PT  and OT then got ready for my first night out to hear D perform at a local restaurant...Great singing..great food..and a great time...I know I was told to start off w/ an hour out, but I will admit it... I stayed out for 4...but I wore appropriate shoes (see I learn my lessons) I did laps around the restaurant w/ my crutches to keep stretching, and my OT guy and his wife also showed up to the show so technically I was being observed for how I function in the "real world" which in that case was almost like an OT that's that...

Saturday: Recovered from Fri nights adventure..ouch ouch ouch (enough said) and took a shower (which I got into by myself for the first time independently) now that I have no more precautions I could bend my legs more on my shower bench to swing them in easier =independence! After the shower I also did my hair (first time since surgery that I managed to use the blow dryer to blow out my hair...see pic above of me, my blow out, and my blue shirt..haha..I was so proud of myself.. that I actually took that was nice to feel girly again :)

Sunday: Sat up for most of the day w/ lots of different company visiting (ouch..sitting for long periods of time hard on the hipster) Then had a dinner party for one of my good friend's birthday (well when I say I had a dinner party I didn't mean I actually did any of the cooking or cleaning..lets not get crazy here...I just helped w/ the celebrating ;)) It was a really fun day seeing lots of great people. I think the lesson I learned here is that if I have plans at night rest during the day and vice versa. I am still not physically up to a full days and night activity, even at home...yet.  But it was such a wonderful day it was worth a few extra aches and pains. It's all about learning what your limits are, and I am starting to have a clearer view of mine after this past weekend :)

So w/ my new found freedom comes now I just need to achieve BALANCE..and then everything will be fine.      Next step to get off crutches...:)  Later Hipsters ;)


  1. Yay!!! I loved seeing those pictures!! You did a great job of keeping that smile on your face the whole time, but you can tell its different now :) You're awesome and you're doing great!! You'll be off crutches in no time! Considering all of the complications you had and everything you went through you are at a great place right now.... progress is good! <3 you girly!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Fantastic! Your friends are awesome. So glad you are coming along well! Did you still want me to beat up those doctors for you? : )


  3. Awww, so glad for you hip/foot twin! Isn't it nice to be seeing progress? I can tell just by the tone of your writing that you're feeling better about everything. Keep up the good work! Each week will seem better (although you'll have a few days where you feel like you took a step backwards). Love you and can't wait to hear more!

  4. @ Krystal..Thank You sweetie...Yes I was smiling for reals..this time and it felt good :)Thank you for all the positive rock hip sister xoxoxoxo

    @Lisa: LOL..yes there may be some Dr's from previous surgeries that may need a talking too..LOL. Thank You..I do have awesome friends..yay.. and an amazing support system which I am very lucky to have..and I got all my hip chicks which have been a HUGE source of encouragement, understand and Thank You xo
    @marcie.hippy/footy twinsy...Thank You so much..Thank You for keeping the hope alive..I think of you as the future me..LOL..Love you!

  5. SJ - So happy to hear how well you are doing! You look great and sound great too!

  6. Hi Kate..Thank you sooooooooo much!! How are you doing?? Hope your recovery is going really well!!