Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clot or No clot...That Is the Question....

Well on the positive side I made it two weeks w/out going to the hospital...
So on Friday my PT dude was nervous about my swelling that seemed to have gotten worse on my hipster and I also had pain in my calf so he thought I should give Dr. M a ring- ring to see what was up (and to also ask him how his time in Hawaii was..Not ;))
So I followed my Pt guy's "orders" and rang Dr M...his advice was as follows:

This surgery has a high risks for blood clots...this is not something you take a risk w/..if your swelling has increased and you are having calf pain GO TO YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY now (well he didn't actually say" like now" but you get the idea)

So I did....after waiting 8 hours for my ultra sound I was Clot week when I see Dr M. hopefully he will get to the bottom of why I have so much swelling in my hip...well he better get to the bottom of it..because it is truly a pain..literally!

No pics this time of my Hospital trip..I think I have enough to last me a lifetime..It looked liked any other hospital visit so you can use your imagination for this post ;)

Thank You Carrie for taking me and keeping me company xoxoxo
and Thank You D for taking the 2nd shift xoxoxo

On another note. I have made it to 10 minutes on my stationary bike this week..Yay! I have graduated from visiting OT and have stronger arms because of it..Yay..If this surgery doesn't work I can take up female arm wrestling for a living..Thanks Neil;)
I got my cane in the hopefully my new cane will bring me no more crutches karma soon...The cane is staring down the crutches in my room as I type this ;) Also I had a outdoor adventure this weekend as well....Thank You for a fab lunch on the ocean Dennis, Nicole, Scott and Abby..much needed for my mental health!
So it looks like all my bases are being covered.
Peace Out for now Hipsters :)


  1. Interesting blog. You need a new apartment to write it from!

  2. LOL..why Thank You Mr. Lee Harvey ;) and I think you may be "write" about that..heehee

  3. Hi there, I read your blog and have my own.. frankly these blogs got me thru the last year and I have set up a facebook page dedicated to putting up great hip blogs and would ask if you would share yours on this site by linking your to the site, it will create more traffic to your site and give one place where a newly diagnosed person can find all good hip blogs. It is on facebook and called 'FAI Hip impingment blogs' and covers PAO and THR as they often over lap.
    Your help to others will be much appreciated..
    Many thanks Louisa if you're wondering who I am!

  4. Hi Louisa..I am officially a member of The FB group..Thank You for telling me about it!! :) Awesome glad we can all help each other glad for my hip chicks!! :)