Thursday, March 18, 2010

Third Times a Charm! (well it better be)!!

Ok so I am officially 3 weeks post surgery so I hope my memory is clear to back track on my blog because the last 3 weeks definitely have been "interesting" probably more interesting than anything else I have written on lets roll

Surgery Day...again ;) Since a lot happened I am going to bullet point the story..a "quickie" one may say..but there was lots happening so not sure how quick it really will be..ok enough of this..lets roll

-Get to Children's Hospital
-Support team of  Dad, Ellen, Mom, and D = go team
-Wait around to be called in for surgery...not the most fun waiting room
-yup that's me
-Get taken into room to get my official id pretty..not!
-Go back to waiting Room
-yup that's me
-sign some papers and told to remove nose piercing (much easier said than done)
-Go back to waiting room
-yup that's me
-Me and my support team now are taken out to the prep area..only two people allowed..that so didn't happen..all for one and one for all..but the family of 10 next to us distracted our #'s
-Given my new cool hospital apparel to match my fancy hospital bracelet..go to bathroom to change..gown broken..Got to walk back to bed area pretty much undressed to get new gown..I have only been in the hospital for an hour and already my modesty has flown out the window
-Hi To Nurse 1 2 and 3
-take vitals
-Meet My first anesthesiologist..go over my respiratory issues..Feel like I am in good me the option instead of GA I could do an epidural and be put under complete sedation...choices...pretty much all I could see was on one hand waking up in the middle of surgery w/ my hip in my Dr's hand and the other having my lungs fail and not waking choices
-Meet 2nd anesthesiologist..Hey it's Dr Max from pre-op..I guess he really wanted in on my surgery...I got two anesthesiologist for the price of one..well actually haven't seen the insurance bills yet so I can't claim he did this just because he wanted too ;) he is on board w/ epidural idea
-support team rally and also think epidural is best
-Epidural it is..please don't let me wake up during surgery, please don't let me wake up during surgery, please don't let  me wake up during surgery
-My two anesthesiologist promised if at any point I feel like I am awake or feel pain they will immediately put me under general anesthesia...
- Do you want some meds to help you relax...hells yes! No time for silly questions Doctor!
-DR M!!!
-introductions to the support team
-he asks me what I am having done today..I recite back to him my surgery..A+ for me..but concerned now that I have to remind him what we are doing..I really can't do everything ;)
-Give Dr M a hug and tell him to take care of me....or else!  He signs my leg..its for real now
-nebulizer treatment to clear lungs
-ok it's time for surgery..well that was fast.. didn't i just start this pre-op you decide to move quickly around here
-the dreaded ride to the OR
-medded but awake..lets do epidural...hmmmm starting to think G.A. would have been better choice..I like sleeping in the OR room
-first try no good..confidence in my dr's is now great...NOT
-lets do this again....I had to sit for about 2o minutes while they do this but relaxing drugs were definitely kicking in so I think I made some small talk w/ the nurses
-Awake in recovery (memory to blurry to give details sorry for you my readers that I can't tell you this part but happy for me that I can't remember it ;)
-Go to room..have catheter..don't feel it...have fixed hip/broken hip..don't feel it...have diloted medicine pump every 7 minutes..I am pretty sure I am feeling that
-Family stays around for moral support
-D stays over and pulls and all nighter w/ me(THANK YOU!!!!!!!)
-respiratory issues start...every time I started to sleep..oxygen levels oxygen and had to stay awake all night (they said my lungs partially collapsed)
-wish I could give more info but it really is all a I guess having no info is the info..If you are having this surgery w/ My Dr you won't remember much afterwords..and that is fine w/ me!

**** I am now at the rehab hospital..I have been in the hospital for 3 weeks..and I will be going home tomorrow..many stories to share on hopefully my final hip surgery ever..but I will be writing those during the next 4 weeks of my recovery so stay tuned...just wanted to get this out to let you know I am alive and ready to share my story!! g'nite

*****Extra Special Thank You to my support team that day ..Dad, Ellen, Mom, and D...You all are amazing and I couldn't have done it w/ out you..Thanks for you Love ,Support, and Positivity!!!!!! XOXOX


  1. Yay happy to hear it went as well as it could have considering good luck with recovery

  2. Sooooo Happy you are better! I was soooo worried about you!

    Lisa (your hipchick friend)

  3. So happy to finally hear from you SJ! I hope this one is the fix of all fixes for you. Sounds like you've had a rough three weeks - but you have such a great attitude! I hope things are going well now that you're back at home. Eager for another update!

    Take care of yourself.

  4. Thank you guys!!!! xox I hope this one works too..I have a good feeling so we shall see...still extremely exhausted physically and emotionally from my surgery and 3 week hospital stay but so glad to be home and look forward to sharing my story when I get a little more energy..thanks for all the beyond appreciated!!! XOX