Saturday, March 27, 2010

Millennial Crutches and More

These seriously are the best crutches....hands down! A few of my "hip" friends told me about them. I have had quite a lot of experience on crutches and this is the first time my body hasn't hurt from using them. If you are going to be on crutches this is definitely the way to go!!!!!   One of the best pieces of advice I got for this I wanted to share it w/ all my fellow hipsters :)

Here is a pic of me on mine millennials..taking them out for a spin (shiny

They were also the hit of both hospitals..everyone wanted to try them out...nurses, PT peeps, OT peeps, and even some of my visitors.

Other items I have also needed since I am now at home.  The transfer bench for showers it's the only way I can shower at this point and the transfer part is needed to stick w/ my precautions . I had to buy this on my own as well as my crutches, my toilet seat, and my grabber, because my insurance did not cover these items even though they are needed!!???.
My insurance did cover the my rental wheelchair, my hip kit of bath sponge, shoehorn, and "magic" sock helper (sock helper can also be used as a "party trick" in the hospital for your does entertain as well as being helpful)

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  1. ;) You've got lots of party tricks at hand it looks like! lol! Funny how we had the exact same surgery and our doctors are so different on their expectations/requirements. Mine did not want me having anything (except crutches) after surgery...but I got a shower bench anyway! No way was I able to shower without one for the first month. Just goes to show how each situation is completely different. Don't you just love the millennials??? I can't believe how comfortable they are compared to regular crutches! The only complaint was I still ended up with callouses on the heels of my palms. They have since gone away, whew! Just use really good foot cream on your hands if you do end up with callouses. Worked for me:) Keep it up, SZ! You're doing great:) XOXO