Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Always Think People Are Joking When They Tell Me I Have A Screw Loose ;)

Well actually I have 3 screws that need to be removed!
So to backtrack a moment:
On Christmas Eve I felt a sharp shooting pain in my hip that literally made me scream out loud (I actually think I scared D and his brother). After resting for 10 minutes or so the pain subsided. 48 hours later it happened again..twice! To describe the pain that I felt I believe is virtually impossible...but the only thing I can say it didn't last long, but the sharpness of it took my breath away ...OUCH!
I then developed swelling next to my incision going towards the back of my leg..kind of like a tennis ball under my skin. After a few calls back and forth with Childrens Hospital's on call staff (who are great by the way) I decided to pay them a visit. They waived the "I am to old for Children's Hospital rule" for me that night. So back at CH one more time. They got me into a room in the ER immediately after walking in the door (impressive) ! I had some X-rays done on my hip , was administered pain medication (which did help), and some Zofran for nausea (upset belly due to pain) . After seeing two surgeons and the ER Dr. their  conclusion was that I had no infection, but an abnormality on my X-ray, swelling in my hip (duh), and a very tight IT band and Psoas tendon, as well as tendinitus in a new set of muscles/ tendons?? in the back of my leg. They felt that my "hardware" should be removed/ my body was rejecting the screws and causing some havoc in my hip. On Monday when Dr. M was back at work he looked over my reports and X-rays and felt they were right and has now booked me for surgery.... NEXT WEEK!! I guess this time there really is no waiting game. So 2011 and one more hip surgery........4th time is the charm ????!!!!
 Dr. M is also going to be doing a cortisone injection as well that day into my hip joint for a diagnostic tool and  for possible pain relief as well (there was talk last month at our visit of possibly needing to replace my hip..this is one tool he will be using to see how my hip is doing).
Hopefully the removal of the screws will bring me the pain relief I so desperately need. This hip is really making a mess of things for me and I need it to NOW!
So at this point I am back on crutches to reduce swelling, and waiting patiently (kind of) for next week to come and get this hopefully LAST surgery over and done with.
I really hope this works...I am done with pain, surgeries, and my hip in general! I will let you know how it goes..until then please keep your fingers crossed for me! Cheers!
(X-ray of hip is post -surgery Feb 2010)


  1. good luck sarah hope it works for you this time i had a cortisone injection not my favorite thing lol i was not impressed the numbing med did not work well but any how good luck my friend

  2. Wow Sarah - Good luck! I'm glad you had a positive experience at their ER - I was not so lucky when I went there after my surgery. I thought they were biased because I was over the age of 18.. hehe.

  3. @Jenny Thanks Sweetie. Cortisone hasn't done much for me either but I will go along w/ it one more time..and since I will be knocked out I might as well let them do whatever they can do to make me feel better..I just hope they don't screw anything up w/ the screw removal..LOL..I didn't even mean to make that pun..haha. Hope all is well w/ you!
    @Kate: Thank you :) LOL..I think they took pity on me due to my tears..the surgeon called them before I got there to give them a heads up w/ my situation which I feel helped and I think I just lucked out..but I totally understand what you mean..I have had that experience there as well :) Thank you again! How is your hip doing?