Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Hipster In Waiting....

 I am sorry I haven't written much lately. Like my title says I am a "Hipster in Waiting". I had my procedure a month ago. Two injections: one around my psoas tendon to see if the inflammation can calm down and the other for my IT band inflammation and bursitis. I can say my IT band seems to have improved since the injections, but not much improvement with my psoas tendon which is truly beyond frustrating..it helped maybe for a few days maximum..after one week of excruciating pain post injection. I had to actually go back to taking my pain pills for three days post injections. When I saw Dr M before they knocked me out for the procedure he said that "the fix" for this may take a bit, but he would try his best to truly fix my hip. I am seeing him in a few weeks to discuss what comes next...is it all my psoas tendon or am I still having issues with my actual hip that is making my psoas tendon not calm down. What happens next I am not so sure, but I will make sure to get back to you once I know ;)

In the past month I also had my birthday..which was a great weekend with some of my family and D (pic to the left of b-day weekend), but it also marks the fact that I have been in pain every day for four years with this hip which is in all honestly is quite depressing. I just don't understand why they can't fix my hip, it really doesn't make sense... they do face transplants nowadays how can a hip be so challenging!! I know I am not the only one with this frustration..I have so many fellow hip sisters who have had multiple hip surgeries and still haven't been cured, and I can't figure out why it is so difficult for our Dr's to fix us. Would a hip replacement be the answer?? Or have we been messed around with so much that it wouldn't take the same?? So many questions and not enough answers.
I also tried acupuncture for my hip this past month...if it wasn't so expensive I would do it every week (It really should be covered by health insurance). I didn't see a major improvement with my hip, but it helped me relax and took some pain away during the visit..it was very cool and I definitely want to have another session. I would be interested in the long term results.
I also started back with Physical Therapy. I had to take a break for two weeks because of my procedure, and then due to my health insurance I had to reapply, so I went through a new PT initial evaluation again. My PT guy said that I have muscle atrophy and some very tight muscles. So back to the gym first for a few weeks  to build up strength, and then hopefully back into the water for some more aqua therapy which I feel is the best therapy for me and my hip.
Well that's it for now....Later Hipsters ;)


  1. Well you know that you have all our love and support while you figure this journey out! While we can all relate in some way, each journey truly is individual and unique. I have loved getting to know you and all the hippies over the last year and a half...truly couldn't have gone thru this without you!! When I need a pick me up, you're there:) I can't tell you how much it means to me. You've been so brave through this all and the fact that you're still smiling after all you've been through speaks enough for itself! I hope I have half the courage you do going in for my next jaunt! Much love always, "twinsy" xoxo

  2. @Twinsy: You just made me smile and cry at the same time!!! Much Love back! xoxox

  3. Your situation sounds similar to mine, so I thought I would offer a suggestion: get a second or third opinion from another unrelated hip surgeon! Ask if you might have hip dysplasia or some other subtle bony abnormality. Be sure to ask in writing. I had 3 scopes for a presumed FAI & large labral tears. I was still having serious recurrent problems with my left hip (piriformis/sciatica, trochanteric bursitis, and psoas bursitis). It turned out that I actually had hip dysplasia. The FAI bone removal made it worse. The muscle and bursa flares were caused by hip instability from dysplasia and would go away with steroid shots but return each time I tried to walk without a cane, or exercise. I am now scheduled for a PAO and am fairly confident that once I heal, the problem will be solved.

  4. Thanks Anon!!!! For the great 411! We do sound like we have similar hips. I have now IT band tendentious as well as psoas and bursitis and sciatic nerve issue. Now they are talking about a possible hernia and THR...AHHHHHH!!! I will not be doing anymore surgery until I know it will be the absolute right thing..it seems after 4 years of trying to fix my hip it has only gotten worse and the problems have spread. I am doing a hip injection in a few weeks and see how that goes. I appreciate all your great info and good luck w/ your PAO! I have had friends who have done that surgery with great success!!!

  5. Hi SJ,

    I wanted to give you a link to an article that describes a more subtle form of dysplasia with "some impingement". Though a bit technical, the authors of this paper seem to think that bony impingement removal for a rarer form of dysplasia consisting of a retroverted acetabulum is a bad idea and, instead, recommend PAO.


    Hope this helps in your search for answers and a remedy.

  6. Thank You so much..going to check it out now! Much appreciated!