Monday, February 8, 2010

Blood Part 2...NOT

Well just like a Hollywood tale..Blood Part 1 didn't get rave reviews so Blood Part 2 has now been canceled ;)

Ok well not exactly..but my life sounds way more exciting when I put it like that ;)

So I got a call from DR M.  last week (yes my surgeon actually called me) ,and he decided that doing another blood donation was not a good idea since my blood pressure was low, and I didn't have the best reaction to my blood being taken.. he reassured me that having blood from the blood bank is just as safe (as well as has the same risks)..I am just going to have to trust him on that's that on BlOOD right now. Hopefully in the end I will not need a transfusion, but if I do I feel confident that my surgeon will take care of me as well as the blood bank.  While I also had DR. M on the line I figured it was a good chance to sneak in a few more questions about my surgery and to get some more reassurance from him that all will be fine...hey why not..he called ;)

2.5 weeks away and now just waiting..really waiting is the worse part.  Have a long pre-op apt on the Monday before surgery..3D Cat Scan, (double check my hipster),a meeting w/ my surgeon (final questions and to go over surgery and cat scan in more detail),meet w/ the anesthesiologist,a physical,register,and meet w/ PT.

Getting close to go time....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

ps. Got my "Hip Chick" hat in the camaraderie w/ all my fellow hip I won't have  a bad hair day while I am at the hospital ;)


  1. Wishing you luck. i am still waiting for my consultation to be scheduled so it has been an intersting seven months for me good luck with the surgery and hope all goes well.

  2. Thank You Jenny!!!! Keep me updated on how things go w/ you :)

  3. Woot woot! Cheering you on girl! Not too much longer now and you'll be sailing through recovery:) It really is worth it, even though there are some set back days, I have to say it has really been the best thing I could have done. Even though an open surgery is so much worse than the scope, being that it's the only option our hips had left, it really did what it needed to do. Our docs know what is right and best for us and all we have to do is trust them and work at keeping the hip mobile after surgery!!! Lots of well wishes and hugs! xoxo

  4. Thanks Marcie!!!!! You are my inspiration... seeing you in Mexico on one crutch..makes me feel like this is going to work!!! Thank you for all your support and encouragement..It is really nice to know someone who knows exactly what it's like to go through this ..Thank You and now I am just going to roll w/ it..I like my Dr and I feel that I am in good I just need to get rid of this respiratory infection by Monday for pre op..but I am on antibiotics and all I am going to do is REST!!! xoxoxo

  5. Hi there! Been thinking about you lately and your upcoming surgery. I must tell you - my post op care at Children's was wonderful. You're going to get a nice private room and the nurses were great and super friendly. They make lame jokes that make 5 year olds laugh and adults hopped up on morphine and other meds! One tip - if you have any of those noise cancellation headphones, I'd bring them. Even though I was exhausted and on pain meds, I could not sleep with that damn beeping from the machines.

    Take care,

  6. Hi Kate!

    Thank You :) I am so glad you had a good experience at CH..That makes me feel better :) I have already thought about the noise issue from my past experiences at the hospital so I got that covered my dad is loaning me his headphones..I seriously didn't sleep for three nights at my last hospital I have learned a lesson this time around..Thank you for the tip :) How is your recovery is the hip doing? Hopefully much better! Thank you so much for your thoughts I greatly appreciate it!!!!!!

  7. Hahaha I think I got the headphones idea from you now that you mention it. You posted about it in the yahoo group didn't you??? Glad I could pass your own tip back to you! I'm such an idiot.

    My hip feels okay. Pretty much the exact same as it did going into surgery with some added swelling and surgical pain. So far I'm no worse so I am grateful for that. I was Dr. Y's 4th surgery of the day, and that very much freaked me out. His caseload was changed around last minute, so I was waiting pre-op for quite a while and my anxiety levels were through the roof. You cant find out until the day before what time your surgery is which I don't like, but if I have to go through this again, I'm making some sort of request to be first or second. I do not like being last. It worries me. I wonder if it's because I'm an adult and they are biased towards children!

  8. @Kate..LOL!!! That is way funny!
    I think I am Dr M's 2nd surgery but he is only doing two surgeries that and a baby goes first..then me (big baby ;) ) I guess because my surgery will be about 5 hours..he is limited for surgeries that day..won't know my surgery time till day before..nothing like important info at last minute. I am glad you are doing ok..It definitely takes a bit to feel better but give it some time and you should be feeling on the upside of it soon..I am glad you are not feeling worse!!!!

  9. Hey - Is your surgery this week??? Or next? How are you doing?

  10. this week..2 days was pre-op..I still have my cold so they are a little concerned about doing surgery on me..they ok'ed it at this point but will do another physical before surgery to make that is causing me some stress..keeping my fingers crossed I will be ok and that my surgery is successful..feeling somewhat nervous and anxious at the moment..ahhh! How are you and your hip doing???? Hopefully improving! :)

  11. I had a bit of a cold before my surgery too. First time I had been sick all school year. Of course it would be at the worst possible time. Luckily it calmed down a bit before the surgery, and I never mentioned it to them because I didn't want it to be an issue for me to end up stressing over. All was well. And all will be well with you tomorrow!

    My hip is okay. I think it's improving!?!? I don't know how to really tell though. I'm having a lot of pain but I'm pretty sure most of it has to do with my muscles. According to Dr. Y, my muscles are "pissed." I like that he put it that way because that's exactly how my leg feels. He says things look good though, no more impingement present on the xray, and I believe him. I've only had PT once, and I think once I get a bit more into it that I will start to feel a lot better. Plus he told me I could start to bear more weight on my leg which has made using crutches a bit easier.

    It's definitely not east but no one ever said it was going to be. Good luck tomorrow!

  12. Hi Kate:

    wow..I can be healthy all this time and then right when you can't afford to be sick..bam it happens..Thank you for the boost of confidence with this whole sick have made me feel better..I am definitely improving today ;)

    From my previous experiences it definitely takes awhile for your muscles to stop being "pissed" lol..especially the first 6 weeks..I am so glad there are no signs of impingement on the current xray..yay to Dr Y and You! Once you are off of crutches for good that's when you will start feeling more changes in your hipp and feeling does take awhile but I am so glad you are in good hands and hopefully by this summer both of our Hips will be all better!!!!!! Thank you so much..I will let you know how things go once I make it to the others side of all this..Keep on healing!!!! :)