Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year/New Hope/New Hip??

To all my fellow hipsters and friends Happy 2010!!

Well I am on the 6 week countdown to surgery so even though I want to be Miss Happy Hopeful I have got to be honest I am full of anxiety over this surgery...which I have been told is normal (well doesn't that make me feel better ;) )

So I got the phone call today ...Let the games begin:

1. I will be doing full pre-op apt on the Monday before my surgery: Cat scans, Blood Test, Body work up, etc

2. I will have to donate my blood just in case I need a blood transfusion during my surgery (yes those words almost made me faint today while on the phone w/ my Dr..I am a pretty pale girl but I guess I turned ghost white after I heard that news..according to one of my clients at work who thought I was about to faint..nothing like a little drama during your afternoon work day) After talking to my dad and some friends I realized that this is a good thing because A.It's a good precautionary measure B. The Dr's are on top of my needs and are looking out for me. One of my friends also helped me to realize the reason why it freaked me out so badly, because it is all starting to seem "real" now especially w/ a call like that. I will find out tomorrow how many times I need to go to the hospital to give blood...a pint a time..so i guess it depends on how many pints they will need from me. Along w/ them taking my blood... I mean getting my blood....I will have to go on a high iron diet..I did explain to them that I have Celiac and I am a vegetarian and they said "don't worry we got food on this menu for everyone"..I guess they are on top of it.
3. Most likely will have to be at the hospital for surgery at 6am..but I won't know the final time until the week of....but My Dr is only doing two surgeries that day. So I guess I will be either first or second ;)

Well I hope that 2010 will bring me a successful surgery and a Happy and Healthy Hip! Happy New Year!

** Post holiday celebrations ..Need to enjoy my time even w/ a bad hip!


  1. Hey Sarah! Your blog rocks! I read all of it. What a journey! It's amazing how different we all are in how we recover. I will continue to follow along and hope the best for you on this hopefully *final* R hip surgery!!!! Remember, the surgery itself isn't that scary, waking up isn't that scary (I don't think you'll have the same pain problem I did) and the scar will be a *beautiful* battle wound (all 11 inches of it!!!). I'm rooting for you!

  2. awwwww! Thank You Marcie...I really appreciate the compliment and that you read my blog..I feel the same about yours as well :)! It really is amazing how many similar hip stories there are out there but also how different each individual experience is. It is so nice to meet people who have an understanding of what it is like to go through something like this (not that I want anyone to have to have this problem ;) ). Thank You for the positive encouragement and helpful info..and I will show off my battle wound proudly..Thank You!!! I hope your hip keeps getting better!!! Thank you so much again!

  3. Sarah,
    I'm trying to rush read, kiddies! 3 Arth, how so? We have the same thing and I'm having a nightmare, why didn't yours work?

  4. HI louisawb :)

    Two Arthros at this point..the third one in 5 weeks will be open hip surgery..to much damange for them to deal w/ arthroscopically at this point :(..ugh! I guess mine have not worked because they only delt w/ fixing the torn labrum and not the FAI which is the true issue..the tears were just complications from the FAI so because they never dealt w/ the actual issue I never technically was ever "fixed" hopefully its not to late..which is one of the reasons I am nervous about having surgery #3 but on the same note feeling hopeful that if they can really fix the problem I will finially get the pain relief that will get me back to me. I am so sorry that you are going through it to...do you have FAI? what did they do for your 3 surgeries??? This hip thing really is a true nightmare...