Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hipster in the city 2

Well I went back to NYC (you can see Hipster in the City post from Sept) and I do have to say I did learn lessons from my last trip.
Lessons Learned:
1.No heels (I missed them but my hip did not)
2.Not a lot of walking (did the cab thing this time)
3.Actually got some sleep (made day time activities more manageable ;)

See we can learn from our mistakes:)

So I am 5 weeks out till surgery and have been having a" touch" of anxiety can you tell sarcasm through my writing....if not....I was being sarcastic w/ the" touch" of anxiety.
I thought a weekend away to visit my sister and bro in law would be a nice way to get away from my daily life and to get my mind off my worries by chillaxin w/ two people I love who also happen to live in an amazing city!!

So D and I got in my car and drove to NYC (which is about a 4.5 hour drive) D did all the driving (THANK YOU) and I got to rest my hipster in the passenger seat.  I like the freedom of driving there, because we could take as many breaks to strech as we wanted..bonus for us hipsters!!  I also realized it is pretty cheap to park your car in NYC overnight ($27 at the garage we found)..sweet!

Sat Day: Went to top of Empire State Building...took cab over...then took elevator up to the top...just a tiny amount of walking for my hip...yay! Bonus it was a beautiful day out so D and I chillaxed for a few hours looking out at the city....nice way to take your mind off things :)

After being on top of the world we decided to get a little "wild" and head on over to the Museum of Natural History (via cab of course).

Had to do a little walking but  I took it slowly..I got to see some dinosaurs as well as visited Africa and Asia
not bad for a girl w/ a bad hip!  Plus got to sit down for an AWESOME planetarium show..a definite must see if you are that really is a show that takes you to another place and clears your mind from all your problems:)

After that had a relaxing Manicure w/ my sister nothing like a good hand rub and shoulder massage to relax you at the end of a bad they didn't do hips ..just kidding..kind of..;) (Thank You Ray-Ray!!!!!! xo)

Then off to dinner (in a cab again w/ supportive boots and no heels, but of course I wore a dress I mean I am in NYC ;) )  Relaxing dinner w/ great people and then drinks afterwards (now that definitely helps w/ pain ;))

So in the end NYC can be done safely  for your hip while  having a fabulous time!!!!

Thanks for a great weekend Ray Ray, Kif, and D  xoxox

Side notes for my fellow hipsters:

*Received My Handicap Placard in the mail today for my car (it takes one month to recieve it from the date your Dr mails out the forms)
*Received my instructions and diet for my blood donation..iron, iron and more iron.  Will have to donate two I will have to do the blood donation on two occasions prior to surgery.
*I canceled my apt w/ Dr Kelly in NYC..spoke w/ his PA over phone..they reviewed all my medical docs from my Dr's here and agreed w/ the diagnosis so I saved myself some money and more people playing w/ my hip but have the confidence that he agrees w/ my surgery.

Now I just need to work on sleeping!  On that note ..Goodnight!


  1. Hi there hipster in the city!!
    AM replying here so that you see it cos if you're anything like me you will miss ones on past blogs!
    I've only had one arth, that treated the FAI (pincer) but am not recovered though reading you Q and A at the beginning of your blog yet again I wonder if the answer is in the stairs I live in a 3 story house (trying to sell to move)
    I don't know if I have a tendency toward inflammation, or if he missed a bit, or if the muscles and nerves in the local area are so shot... I just don't know, had it for 6 years.
    How long have you suffered? and had to use a cane?
    ps Isn't new york AMAZING, I loved it when I visited.
    I'm in the UK by the way thou, not as many good docs here yet.

  2. LOL!! Hi!

    Yes stairs are not a "hip chick's" friend!! I think I definitely have a tendency towards inflammation..or maybe these Dr's just don;t know what they are doing...hmmmmm..sometimes I do really question that! 6 years..ugh..Mine has been 3 years and I thought that was awful..I am so sorry you have been suffering so long!! I used a cane for about a month after getting off my crutches..First surgery I was on crutches for almost 8 weeks and cane for 4 weeks...2nd surgery it was a little less time (since I had no micro fracturing second time around)

    New York truly is the most amazing city..I LOVE it there!!!! UK...awesome..I have spent some time in London (also a Fabulous city) I think there are not that many good hip docs anywhere... yet..unfortunetely..our surgeries are still so of my friends made a valid point..if this happened to us five years in the future we would have probably been better off..they really are just understanding this surgery now..which I think is making me quite nervous for round much trust you have to put in these Dr's... Will you be having more surgery?