Monday, June 15, 2009

A Cane of a Different Color

For this post, and my "3 month post surgery anniversary" I am focusing on CHANGE! Starting first w/ the obvious change....I got a new cane, thanks to "special K" who was tired of looking at my "granny cane" or maybe she was tired of hearing me complain about it, but whatever the case may be I am now more fashion forward w/ my black and gold hound's tooth color cane. Even though I am not very fond of having to use a cane at least the new one blends into the scenery more, so it is less noticeable (I can't believe how people just stare at you when you are walking around on a is just plain weird and quite uncomfortable), and since I wear mostly black it blends well w/ my clothes. I prefer not to stand out because I am on a cane...not that I don't like standing out.... just not that way ;)

Last week I had a really rough week...lots of pain (had to go back on my pain pills) and I started feeling extremely depressed and frustrated at what I felt was a never-ending cycle of pain, discomfort, aggravation, sadness and stress due to my hip. Though if I really reflect back to the past 3 months of bed rest, crutches, and staying in ,then I would have to say I have made many great strides in the past few weeks which I should feel is great change and progress..sometimes I have to remind myself of that! I also decided today that I will finally give in and try the Anti- Inflammatory/Arthritis Pill Dr. Fabulous prescribed to me last month (I am not a fan of meds), but now I feel it's worth a shot if a positive pain-free change will be the outcome from taking it let's fill me up a glass of water and....."cheers"!

As a new week is now here I am now also looking forward to hopefully the other changes that hopefully will be coming soon . Which would be A. getting off my cane and B. driving again...not sure if the other people on the road are ready for that day...but's that just to bad ;)

Other Positive Changes: I went for a walk last Monday w/ my cane and my friend J, which was my first real walking around experience since my surgery! Yay!

(above pics of my first "walk about" since surgery :)

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