Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life on a Cane..Week 1

So as of this past weekend..I have ditched the crutches (hopefully for good) and have -upgraded to a cane..woohoo!

Ok not sure if it is an upgrade but.....

#1 My shoulders, arms and hands really needed a break..after 10 weeks on crutches I think my upper body was about to fall apart and I was getting blisters on the palms of my hands..ouch- it was time to say buh-bye to the "sticks" and hello to the shiny silver cane.

#2 If I can stay off the crutches and stick w/ the cane that means hopefully soon I will be walking on my own again and then driving (FREEDOM).

#3 Cane's can be a hit at parties..see pic below..cane took center stage

** It would be a better upgrade if my cane had pink sparkles just to make it more fun...well a girl can wish ;)

So the past two weeks have been big..back to work and off of that is what I call progress! Me Likey!

Ok so the down side is that my pain has seemed to increase since I started using the cane..usually I am fine from morning to mid afternoon, but around 3pm the deep pain in my hip starts. Now I am sure this is partially due from going from being inactive for so long and now almost putting full weight back on my hip, but I am no Dr., so I will see what will happen.. if the pain progresses I may switch to crutches for 2nd half of the day (PT suggested that) ,but I am stubborn (never claimed it was a good just is what it is) ,and I want off of all these "accessories" and back to my "normal" existence and life, so I am trying to deal w/ the pain as best as I can and push through it..again I am not a Dr ,so please don't take my advice on's more of a trial situation for me. I will get back to you w/ the results.

Ok got to try to go to sleep..pain is still preventing me from sleeping comfortably..this really better start to get better soon ,because I could really use some good healing sleep.. Until Next Post....G'Nite

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