Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Half Year Completed!

My Hip At 6 Months!
Sorry It has been so long since I have written..I feel this should be apology letter for being away for so long BUT I am back now so lets move forward ;) (and plus I have something to actually write about..there is just so much I can write about one body part without completely boring the hell out of you ;))

Today I had my 6 months appointment with Dr. A , so I figured it would be a good comeback post for my blog :) BUT don't forget I have been doing a 365 photo blog on Flickr about becoming "The Bionic Woman"..a picture every day for a year that started the moment I woke up from my THR surgery and will go to Sept 27th 2012 (day 365)..so you can always see what I am up to on there on a day to day basis ;)

So I am now past the 6 month mark! I was making some progress and than had a big setback when my apt building burned down a few weeks ago which has forced me too do way to much on my hip and I am paying a BIG price for it because the pain has increased and I can't do much about it at the moment, but we all made it out of the building without a scratch and that is most important.
D and I at the hotel we stayed at for 2 weeks post fire (now we are at D's parents house while we look for an apt)

On my 6 month anniversary!
So a breakdown of progress made:
1. I can sit up and down from a chair pretty easily (which is quite a feat from 3 months ago)
2. I can walk around small rooms without a cane
3. I can walk up stairs while holding railing (just very painful)
4.I swam in a pool at the hotel (wasn't the most graceful swim but I did swim)
5. I can do the bike for 7minutes at PT
6. I can go out more (for longer periods of time)
7. Gone on short walks with my cane
Queen of Physical Therapy..5 years makes you a pro;)

Things I can't do still (that is completely frustrating me and causing my patience to be completely tested)
1. Get off my medication due to pain , I still am in constant pain everyday..the level daily is different depending on the day and I have weened off the dosage I am taking for pain meds but still in a bad pain cycle (I have added anti --inflammatory to the mix) and it is by far the hardest part of all of this because chronic pain wipes you out physically and emotionally and my biggest fear is that this pain will never go away..it's been FIVE YEARS!!!!!!
2. I can't drive still and not sure when I will ever be able too (Going to look into a car that can do steering wheel driving instead of using foot)
3. Walk distance without limping (sometimes it feels like I have dumbbell weights sewn into my hip..that's the only way I can explain it)
4. Feel like "myself" yet..this is a draining journey that is like the craziest roller-coaster ride ever (and not a fun kind of roller-coaster ..but I don't find roller coasters fun at all..I am a wimp, but in case you like the coaster I don't want to get you excited and intrigued about replacing your hip ;))
5. Stand or sit for extended periods of time BUT I did go to the movies for the first time a few weeks ago to see The Hunger Games..that was the longest time I have sat in one place. We got cozy seats where I could put me feet up and I sat in the aisle seat so I could stretch every once in awhile
At The Movies!! First time in a looong time!

Waiting for Dr. A an entertaining myself at the same time :)
So now to my appointment that I had today with Dr A.
Let me begin I cried when I left so It isn't a happily ever after story (yet)...

I had X-rays taken today (see top pic) and waited around for awhile. I only got about 8 minutes with DR. A (if that..and I find that really frustrating and here is why: I am starting to feel like MY hip surgeons are turning out to be the guys your mother tells you stay away from when you grow up. They wine and dine you at first and tell you how much they can improve your life, you want to believe all that they are saying. Than you give in and let them do surgery on you, and then they don't seem to have the time of day for you anymore..seriously! Dr. A knows how bad my hip is (he is constantly reminding me of that) .How could after he has not seen me for 3 months take some time to answer the questions of why my foot is still numb?? OR ..I had a MRI done of my back because I am having back, neck and shoulder problems now on my right side (I did have some trigger point injections that helped), BUT all the Dr's I saw for these issues say it is related to my hip, so I brought the MRI to Dr. A and he wouldn't even look at it. He says his only focus is my hip. MY HIP IS WHAT IS CAUSING ALL THESE SECONDARY ISSUES..if he isn't going to take a look at this than who is going to help me..another hip surgeon??!!

Than the icing on the cake comes with the fact that Dr. M who did my 3rd and 4th surgery was suppose to fix a typo on my medical notes about a specific surgery he DID NOT DO on me and my psoas tendon during my open SDD surgery and Dr. A won't discuss how much pain my psoas tendon is causing me, because he said it was someone else's surgery that made it that way??!! I tried to explain to him as clear as possible that I did not have the surgery, but he said he only believes the paperwork. At this point D chimed in and said he was at the DR. M appointment where Dr. M said that it was a typo, but Dr. A said surgeons don't make mistakes like that. Sooooooo I placed a call to Dr. M immediately to get this taken care of so I can get my psoas issue taken care of. His assistant PROMISED me he would be in touch today..I never heard from him, so I will call again tomorrow.

 I am just so frustrated with the fact that I feel like none of my surgeons look at the big picture and until they do I am not sure what kind of recovery this will be. If anyone has ideas on how to handle this I would love to hear. I don't see Dr. A again until Oct 2012 so all I am suppose to do at this point is to do PT and wait and rest (according to Dr. A, because the fire made me overdue stuff on my hip which is causing backtracking). I guess Dr. A's only goal today was to do an X-ray to make sure my hip replacement is still in properly (I guess in the first year they check this on day 1, at 6 months, and at 1 year).

"On Top Of The World...because we are together" :) or "Just Try To Knock Us Down" 
In the end a hip nor a fire will break me or us :)
Much Love and Hope You Are All Well xoxo, Sarah

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  1. Hey lovely Sarah! So frustrated for you reading this progress, or limited progress... why is this hip stuff such a fight for so many of us.
    Made me laught with the surgeon/dodgy boyfriend analogy... soooooooooo true!
    Ring them daily re that notes adjustment, they'll soon send it, if only to get rid of you X

    1. Hi Lovely Louisa!!
      LOL..will take your advice and keep on ringing them..still no callbacks today!! Thank you sweetie xxoo

  2. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Carrie, and I have a very scary and similar story as you. I am 31 and I am 17 weeks post THR on my right hip. I have had 4 surgeries, including 2 scopes and 1 trochanteric ostotomy. I am still in constant pain just like you, and I have had a few unfortunate complications post-op. I am very good friends with Susie Loberfeld, and I have been following your blog for a while now, but this is the first time I am actually commenting. I would love to talk to you and compare "horror" stories and maybe we can help each other. If not physically, maybe mentally... As you are painfully aware, we are few and far between and it's very difficult to find others who know how we are feeling, what we are going through, or have compassion and patience with us. Let me know if you would like to talk.


    1. Hi Carrie! I am soooo sorry you have been through so much too!! I love Susie..she rocks and is my hip guru she was the first person I met who had hip problems and has been guiding me through this whole journey and was the one who inspired me tos tart my blog. Would love to chat: you can email me at sarahjennie@gmail.com Look forward to chatting :)

  3. Sarah - I have not checked out your blog in a while so wanted to stop by and see how you're doing. I'm very happy you're making progress - and of course expect it will be very slow given all that you've been through. I've said something similar before, but it bears repeating - you write with such candor, creativity and humor and in a very engaging and authentic voice. Thank you for continuing to share your story with the world and know that its helping many many fellow hipsters who read and learn (but don't necessarily comment).

    Sending warm wishes and healing energy,

    1. Thank you so very much Ivy! Sorry it has taken me so long to see this comment..it made me smile..hope all is well!!!! Sarah

  4. Reading your blog is such a breath of fresh air. It inspires people to go on and be optimistic about life.

    1. Oh wow...thank you so much for the kind words! I hope all is well with you!

  5. Thank you so much for this blog. I am currently recovering from surgery from a torn labrum, so I had time to read it all. I am really sorry for all that you have been through, but thank you so much for sharing it. It really does help.

    1. I am sooooooo glad it has helped you..reading other hip blogs and making hip friends has helped me out tremendously through this journey and I am so happy I could be of any comfort/help to you! I hope you are doing well with your recovery!!!