Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Can Get a Hip Replacment At Any Age!

Dropped My Cane For This Picture!
Ok this post may be slightly sarcastic, but with good attentions! :) If I had a dollar for every person who has said "Wow, you are way to young to have hip problems!", well lets just say the answer to that question is I could probably retire after my hip replacement with all those dollars! There is not a certain "look" or age for anyone who has a disability. For hips I have known people to get replacements from 16 to 80 and everything in between, so I am so surprised why people (including myself sometimes (oh o) put "old age and hip replacement in the same category"). The only restrictions I will have for this shiny new hip will be running and singles tennis (I can do doubles tennis, so don't rule me out for making a US Open debut ;) ) It really smacked me in my face when I was reading through my Hip Replacement Notebook from my hospital. First off on a side-note the notebook is quite helpful, and it would have been really nice to have that kind of information prior to my other surgeries that were just as big of a deal..just sayin!
Well back to what I was saying before I got off track in these books/notebooks there were cartoon characters of hip replacement patients....it was agesim in reverse! Where were the people who looked like me and other people I know who have hip replacements...seriously it's 2011 lets be up to date with what is going on people. It actually was making me anxious every time I read these books, because it made me feel "old".  I am already in pain I don't need to feel I am aging rapidly on top of it! My friend said I should tell the company that made these books that they should make age friendly hip replacement literature, I thought it was a good idea. I decided to make a prototype! Here is some samples of what I am talking about (of course it wouldn't be all pics of me, but hey that's all I had to work with at the moment ;)....
Their page is to the left my updated page is to the right. The lady on top of their page is the youngest one in the book. 

Here again I put my ridiculous two sense in. You can do laundry with a bad hip and you don't have to have gray hair and wear a house coat, and seriously I know a lot of "older" people and they dress much better than that!
Again another comic misrepresentation of all hip patients(they go with what people may associate hip replacement patient as), and they can't even give this poor woman a good haircut and stylish outfit??!!
The men are not being represented either by all different age groups!
So if I can do anything through my blog is that I would like to bring awareness that hip issues can happen at any age, so appreciate your hips and take good care of them!
Since this is my sarcastic post (yes it feels good to be sarcastic every once in awhile about my hip ;) ) . My friend brought up the point that I got to keep the screws from my hip from my screw removal  surgery, she asked if I will ask to keep my hip this time...hahahha! Hmmmmm I could and send it off to my past surgeons, so they can hold onto to it as a trophy to show off all their work they did to "help" my hip...oh snap! Ok positivity posts from this point on..just needed to let off some steam!! Later Hipsters!


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