Thursday, May 19, 2011

Waiting In Limbo!

My ode to "Blue" My Favorite Color and my Current Mood!
Sorry I haven't written much lately, but my hip life has been in limbo. I saw Dr. W for my 2nd opinion, but unfortunately he had a total opposite opinion than Dr. R (You don't understand how that could be...I don't understand either..they both had the same MRI and X-rays).
Dr. W feels I could still have a lot of issues with pain post hip replaement and possible risk for side effects due to my particular hip and body? He also said the surgery will not help my psoas issue either...ugh! I was suppose to hear back from Dr. W last week after he spoke to a few other Dr's at Baptist Hospital to discuss my case as well as talk to Baptist's radiologist to discuss my MRI's from Children's, and get their opinion. He was suppose to get back to me within 48 hours, but it has been over a week and still no call. I have left messages for him at his office, they keep saying he will call me back, but nothing yet. They also said I just got to keep calling him to stay on top of him. I am not sure why I need to chase him down to get answers to an appointment I already paid for when he promised me he was going to get back to me asap with the information he couldn't give me at he appointment. Getting in touch with a surgeon is almost as difficult as getting a call through to the President (well not that I ever tried to call the President, but I imagine there is a big level of difficulty with doing that ;) )! This is why it has been so hard for me to write a post, because for the first time I am speechless. I really don't know what to say. Also I was told early on in life " If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all"......... ;)

So until I get more info I am at a standstill with my hip and my pain, and with a complete lack of understanding on what to do next. Unfortunately my hip has been feeling worse lately (the awful cold rainy weather we are having currently here isn't helping the situation). I am thinking the only move at this point while I am waiting is...A. a third opinion or B. moving to Hawaii (just to help with the weather situation at least)????

So while I am waiting in "limbo land" I do have some cool/interesting news to pass on that has put a smile on my face;)
1. Me and a few of my "hipster" friends have made it onto the Millennial Medical In-Motion Crutches website along with 26 professional athletes! Yes us "hipsters" are a strong bunch!!! Very cool to see us ladies with hip "issues" being represented !!  I am picture #27 (same pick that is to the left of this post):
They are the best crutches (and they are DEFINITELY not paying me to say, and they have lasted me two years so far. I am due for another pair soon especially with my upcoming surgery (whenever that may be). Maybe they can hook me up with some sparkly pink ones now that I am on their website ..wink wink;)
2. My boyfriend made his first official music video and my hip story is kind of in it (a twisted version, but nonetheless). You can check that out here:
You can also check out my other blog to get the full story on this music video:

Video Still From "She Walks In Beauty"
Once I hear back from Dr. W I will give you a better update! Until then..Peace!


  1. I just came across your blog (was a link on Susie's blog) and found it informative and even entertaining! You have definite talent as a writer and, as a fellow hip-sufferrer, I appreciate the details you have shared! I have seen a couple of the same surgeons you have visited in Boston although I live in NY, and had bilateral scopes to correct FAI 4 months ago. One of the things I'm wondering about (have not yet read every entry so possible I missed this), given that the you now need a thr despite multiple scopes is if they had a reason for the scopes not working? For example, did you have any additional bony abnormalities such as femoral anteversion or retroversion? Or was the dysplasia a reason for failure...? Or was there simply too much cartilage loss the first time you got a scope for probability of success to be high? I have been recovering at such a slow pace (can still only walk only 5-10 mins w/out hip/knee pain onset) and am worried about my lack of progress.


  2. Hi Ivy: that is so funny that you found me through Susie...Susie was the first "hip chick" I found on the www and she help me greatly and the reason I write this blog was because I was I was inspired by her blog and found it so helpful so I figured if more of us were writing our stories we could connect with other hipsters out there, because I felt so alone in the world with the hip issue before I happened upon Susie's blog...she was the first person I found who was going something similar to me. i am so glad you like my writing..that is a huge compliment and I greatly appreciate it! Thank You So Much! That is funny we have shared some Dr's together. No One has completely told me why my 3 scopes and Open SDD did not work...they kind of fumble around it pretty much labrum left due to FAI...SDD was done to late ..cartilage had a lot of damage and it is worse even now..arthritis has set in there. They have not said to me anything about other abnormalities..just loss of cartilage and wo scope Dr's never had anything to say about this..they don"t even know I had the SDD day I will write them a letter..I tried calling both of their offices at different times to speak with them, but never heard back from either one.... I also seemed to recover from all 4 surgeries at a slower pace..but definitely don't think that it didn't work because of the pace..we all heal matter what I think it takes a full year to truly recover from matter what the surgery is. But don't be afraid to talk to your dr about your concerns...they are there to help you..or at least they should be ;)! If you have any ?'s please feel free to write me. Good Luck with everything!!! Hopefully your hip will start to improve if not definitely go get another opinion..
    Sarah :)

  3. Yeah, I can so relate to feeling alone.. it was a year and half before I found online forums like Hip Chicks and blogs like Susie's (partly because I had no idea how serious my condition was initially as the OS I was seeing at the time simply kept sending me on rounds of PT). Stories and advice of other hip chicks have been invaluable so I really appreciate that you have created such a lovely blog -- like a journal with very clear narrative -- engaging and humorous stories that are insightful and encouraging to readers. And its great that you have photos which just personalize your tale even more. Btw, you are gorgeous -- you have a definite Katy Perry vibe going.

    Its disturbing that doctors sometimes don't give us all the information about ourselves that we need to know in order to make a good decision... or that they don't return phone calls and we have to chase them down :(

    I'll take my time in reading through the segments of your blog I didn't get to yet -- so you'll probably be hearing from me later :)

    Warm wishes,

  4. AWWWWWW thank You so much Ivy!! I really want it to be an easy read and I LOVE photos so that is probably why I just put up so many..LOL :) Thank you so much for the compliment..that is so BF's friend call's me Katy Perry all the is a very sweet compliment..Thank you!You are too sweet! Please feel free to ask me any ?'s as they come up. I got an apt with a 3rd doctor dad actually got it for me..he is friends w/ a surgeon in Boston who got me in w/ the OS at his we shall see how my story progresses!! xo, Sarah

  5. Sarah:
    I can't wait to hear what the 3rd doctor says! :)
    I had several opinions and they were all different. How is your pain now on a day to day level? Are you still going without pain meds? You are very beautiful and I cannot get "D"'s song out of my head!

    Lisa (your hipchick friend)

  6. Hi Lisa :)

    Me TOO!!!! I have the apt for July 15th..but I am on a cancellation list..I hate waiting!!!! Ironically my hip has been hurting even more lately..that I have had to take my pain meds the last two weeks, but I only will do it a night so I won't aggravate my body to much..I have to even skip PT a few times due to feels never ending sometimes. I keep trying to do my PT and my tens unit. I m at a loss for what to do anymore to control pain..just taking it day by day. It's good to know that other people have had a similiar experience w/ different opinions..but on the same note I am sorry it is you :) Thank you so much for the very sweet compliment...You should check out D's Cd "The Road Is My Home" on iTunes: I will pass on the compliment to him as well! :) He plays out at gigs every weekend around town..I always have fun listening to him play..I LOVE music so living w/ musician I get private concerts all the time..that helps w/ the pain too ;)! He actually brought the guitar to the hospital and sang to me and other patients to make us feel was really cute :) How are you doing??

  7. My husband plays also. It is pretty cool. How sweet to sing at the hospital. I love the video and the song is stuck in my head! So I hope he does well!

    I am supposed to go to the ortho to get new x-rays (it has been over a year) but my Mom has been going thru lung cancer treatment so the hip really doesn't matter now. Strange how that happens.

    I am still going to the health club 2-3 times a week (usually 2)and riding the stationary bike on level 1 about 20 minutes and I still swim easy laps, not much leg action. Then follow up in the warm water pool with a SUPER EASY stretch or two, but no more than that with stretching or I get a flare-up. The stretching always does it to me. So I think stretching is over-rated. I do feel better and can function and work 4 days a week, but I haven't let anyone inside my hip. Well except for the MRA, which sucked enough for me to say no to arthroscopy. I am kind of glad I did now as I think I can wait awhile to replace it as I can manage. But I am 47 now so you are too young to suffer like this. I hope the doctors get it figured out whilst they are all on the Yacht! By the way, your writing is spot on! Keep it up!
    Love Ya Hip Sis!

  8. Hi Lisa! :) That is so cool your husband is a musician's nice to get serenaded too..LOL!! :) D says thank you for the compliment on his song..he likes when his songs gets stuck in people's head!! :)

    So sorry to hear about your mom..I hope she gets better and she is in my thoughts!! It is starnge how life things get put back in to perspective with situations like that..that is what I keep trying to tell myself when I get real down about my hip! I really hope your mom will be OK!!! Give here a hug from me!!

    That is awesome you are continuing w/ working out...I have PT today and I am actually dreading it..sometimes I feel it hurts more than helps, but my dr's are all for it so at this point I listen to them..but speak up if something feels not right during it! I am glad thngs are feeling better and I hope to continue to stay that way!! LOL..yea they better be figuring something on that yacht that is helpful to me at this point!!! ;) I will let you know what my 3rd opinion has to say..hopefully by the end of this year my hip will be repaired for good..well that is what am hoping for! So glad you like my writing..that is a huge compliment. I write two other blogs Called Sarah In The City..the link is somewhere on the side of this blog and one On The "Salem Patch" y cities website about my adventures in Salem..if you are on Facebook you can find me there and my other blogs :) Thanks for all the advice and rock!
    Love ya hip sis!,

  9. Sarah:

    I can't find your facebook. How did the appointment go? I am on facebook Lisa Lawrence Anderson. I hope it went well!

    Lisa (hipchick friend) :)

  10. Lisa: I think I found u on FB (hope so..or I just requested someone Let me know. Had apt today..just got home from a crazy 12 hour day..I will post about it soon..but quickie: I liked him..going to meet again in 3 weeks after he talks w/ dr M and gets test results back and did xrays before I left. Thanks for thinking of me xoxo Sarah