Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I just wanted to give you the 411 :) I didn't make it to my Surgeon's apt today w/ Dr R, because while I was so focused on my hip..the flu came around the corner and KO'ed me...big time (and yes I ended up in the hospital..twice..surprise , surprise!)  I kind of feel like I am in that movie "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffman. Anytime anyone enters the room with me they are wearing a hospital mask...the fun just never ends (yes I am being sarcastic..don't ya know me by now ;) )! They are going to fit me in for another apt in 2 weeks with Dr R., so I will have more hipster updates by then..until then back to bed. The Flu totally sucks!

ps. If you are feel like some other online entertainment besides my hip drama ;) I am currently messing around with a new blog from my bed..one focusing on photos/videos instead of words to express my creative story telling side ;)...it's a total work in progress, but it's keeping my mind off the flu and my hip..you can check it out here at : http://sjzphotography.tumblr.com/  :)
Plus I also have my other "wordy" blog if you haven't checked it out yet. This blog is filled with my musings on all things besides hip as well as interesting interviews with some quite fabulous people that live in my neck of the woods  (examples, photographers, beauty experts, my friend who went to Australia w/ Oprah Winfrey, personal trainers, musicians, and LOTS more)..it's a fun blog to write and hopefully even more fun to read : http://sj-sarahinthecity.blogspot.com/
Ok the flu is telling me to get off the computer and go back to sleep ;) Good Night Hipsters!


  1. feel beter sarah when it rains it pours good luck at the surgeons appt in two weeks until then feel better

  2. Thanks Jenny..it sure does..hopefully it will rain good stuff soon :)