Monday, August 30, 2010

Has it really been 6 MONTHS!!

To answer the title.....well it has! What a surreal half of a year!! Time is such a odd thing. During the past 6 months there have been weeks that felt like years and weeks that have gone by in a blink of an eye (mostly due to the pain meds ;) ), and here I am at 6 months post surgery, and I feel two things
1. It has been the longest 6 months of my life!! 
2. I can't believe a 1/2 year has gone by!!!

So 6 months out..where am I..hipster wise..according to Dr. M (and me)

Still on a cane and will be for a bit. I can do short walks (around my apt) cane free..but outdoors still on a cane until my leg is stronger. One of my muscles he sawed through..oh I mean operated on still hasn't bounced back yet (which he said is normal for my hip) which is why I still can't go up stairs "normally" yet and can't break free from the cane...yet. Hopefully with PT I will get to that point soon. (My PT guy told me today that I need to limit my walking due to my psoas tendon...he said it's the first time he has ever told someone to limit their walking, but he doesn't want the fibers in my tendon to start shredding, so I need to be  VERY cautious..ugh)

No Driving still (due to weak leg and psoas tendon). I need to be able to have strength to hit the brakes when needed, so once I get that strength back he suggested some driving in a  parking lot  first (for practice).....who has been telling Dr. M. about my driving skills????!!!

Hip can rotate more! Pretty much he pushed my leg back pretty far with my knee bent down, and then explained to me how much better my hip was  now than prior to surgery. I was impressed with my flexibility skills...for sure..but will be more impressed when I can walk on it with out pain and a cane!

Concerns about my "Damn Psoas Tendon" (my pet name for my tendon....seriously I may just remove it myself). It is acting up again due to more activity, and it is a catch -22 situation. If I do less PT and less activity my psoas will calm down, but if I do less PT and rest my hip and leg won't get better...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So my PT guy has the lucky job of finding the balance to deal with that, and my part is to do tons of stretching which Dr. M demonstrated to me.  Dr. M.  is concerned about doing another cortisone injection into it..since I already had 2 so far..he thinks 3 is pushing into more dangerous territory.

Lots More PT! Loves that I am doing aquatic therapy...believes its the best PT for me!

Wants me on anti-inflammatory meds..especially before PT.

His Co-Pilot Dr that was with him for this apt started bringing up hip replacements if my cartilage/arthritis situation gets worse..I ignored him! ;)

Will go back in 6 months to celebrate my one year anniversary with him ;) and also for new x-rays, and to see where my hip is really the meantime..PT..and if my psoas tendon doesn't calm down then go back sooner.

6 months out! I kind of thought I would be better than where I am at, but Dr. M said I am where I should be at especially with the atrophy and issues I had going into surgery. My take on 6 months is that I am definitely recovering from the actual surgery (yay), but I don't feel better than I did pre surgery, but I guess that will just take a little more ....TIME!


  1. Good news! The water therapy is THE BEST! I started with just walking in the warm water pool til my muscles got stronger and felt much less sore and painful. After about 25 trips to warm water and just walking, I started doing a few laps in the regular pool (all arms, no legs) it feels so good to be weightless! I am up to about 20 minutes swimming laps (no legs)and then get in the warm water pool after. I started in April and I feel much much better. I have not had any of the surgeries, so just trying to maintain.


  2. Thanks Lisa! :)

    I agree ..water Therapy rules..It really helps me get through PT w/ out being in horrific pain and I am getting a better work out at the same I LOVE the water!! So glad you are doing it too!! :)