Friday, November 27, 2009

Another week of the Good and the Bad/ Plus Happy Thanksgiving!

As the title says I had a mix week..of  GOOD and BAD

Went to see Band of Skulls again  in Boston (thank you lil bro)(pic of me and lead singer of BOS)..awesome to get out and see the show..unfortunately it is hard standing at a concert in I had to go sit down for the 2nd half and take pain pills (first time I have taken them outside of my bedroom)..the concert became more relaxing afterwards that's for sure.  I am quite frustrated that I am having a lot of difficulty standing for any long length of time w/ out a huge amount of pain..ugh!

I am still recouping from my psaos tendon injection which has made for a uncomfortable 2 weeks..I guess my body doesn't like cortisone.. (great another thing to add to my list.. my body is too high maintenance it seriously needs to chill out and go w/ the flow) But this cortisone injection seem to produce a pretty bad flare up w/ my psoas tendon, but it is finally starting to calm down..not sure if I will be doing any more cortisone injections....

I had a night at the movies w/ nine of my friend..(movie name will remain anonymous..lets leave it at that)..LOOOOONG Movies are just hard to sit through at the friends did hook me up w/ a luxury seat theater (only 3 dollars more) and I had the aisle seat to stretch out a bit..It  was a nice distraction to see the cute shirtless dudes on the screen which again was a distraction from my hip..If you guess the teasing..everyone has there guilty pleasures ...;)

I had a happy Thanksgiving w/ my family..where I got to mix up sitting and standing and having my family distract me from my pain was just the bonus..I love my family it was a AWESOME Thanksgiving..minus the turkey (I am a vegetarian so It's just not my holiday..but I Love the family part)  Even though my hip is nothing but trouble..I feel very lucky and Thankful for all the body parts that are working well..yay..and thankful for all the amazing, helpful, kind, and inspiring people In my life..I am a very Lucky Woman!

 (Me and the newest member of my little cousin who came here from Ireland for the festivities..soooo adorable)

 Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!!


  1. ah the joys of navigating hip pain while trying to go to a concert or see a move...


  2. Hi SJ -
    Just wanted to see how you are doing. When is your appointment with Dr Kelly?

  3. Hi Kate,

    Unfortunately my hip is killing me's been a bad week..ugh At least I have my apt w/ my surgeon at Children's Hospital tomorrow (w/ the surgeon I have surgery scheduled w/). I see Dr Kelly in Jan. How are you doing?