Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hipster in Paradise

My Hipster and I truly needed a vacation! ;)

4 months post surgery and I took another vacation (hey why not..I got to make up for lost time) this time no crutches and no cane, just 3 great people, and a mindset ready for a fun, fabulous, and pain free trip!
Destination: St Martin/Sint Maarten Mission: Accomplished

I am definitely a different woman from 2 1/2 months ago when I traveled to California. For beginners ..

*The plane ride didn't irritate my hip (I didn't
even need my trusty ice pack:)

I went swimming in the ocean

*I was walking on my own

I went snorkeling!!!

I even did some dancing at the clubs!

If you told me two months ago that I would have been walking down a beach and swimming in the ocean I would have thought you were plain crazy, but here I am returning from fun in the sun and my hip is still in one piece AWESOME! (I am definitely able to do much more now than I could after my first hip surgery, so I definitely feel something worked this time around)

Of course my hip wasn't perfect...for all you other "hipsters" out there.. walking in the sand didn't agree w/ my hip, but swimming felt great! Flippers for snorkeling became to heavy after awhile, but I did get in about an hour total of good snorkeling. I also tried to move around a lot so my hip didn't get to stiff on the plane or at the beach. I did pack my cane w/ me for a "just in case" moment (that was Dr. orders), but that moment never happened:). I brought my pain meds w/ me, but didn't need them at all , but I did use my tens unit to help w/ some pain management after my days at the beach which did the trick!

Awesome Vacation N, J and D...Paradise is Nice.... especially w/ you guys!

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