Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Last Hurrah At Children's Hospital!

To go forwards we sometimes need to look back. The link above is to a video I made that I have posted on You Tube to share with YOU my fellow hipsters and readers! It captures parts of the past four years of my recovery. It doesn't include all of my recovery or even all the people who have been a HUGE part of my recovery (how many pics does one actually take during bad times ;)).  I just really set out making this mini movie to reflect on what my past fours years have been like for me and my hip. Now I am trying to put the past behind me, and to inspire myself and my hip-chicks that there will be a light at the end of this hipster tunnel..even though at times it is very hard to see that . Through our rough times we have found strength, we have found new friendships, we know who really is our true support team, we are thankful for all the help we have received, we try to have fun even during the hard times, we have shed many tears, we pull ourselves back up again, we try to learn from the hand we have been dealt, and most importantly we have learned we are some very tough hip-chicks!

This week I will be going in for my final procedure at Children's Hospital..the cutoff at CH is 36 years old (they move you over to the old people's hospital after that (just kidding) you can have surgery at Beth Israel Hospital after that, so I can still keep my surgeon just get "worked on" in a different environment). Not to discuss my age at all, but I may be approaching their cut off...so hopefully this last one will be the one that makes my pain go away.....fingers crossed!

I am having some MAJOR issues with my psoas tendon and IT band...double ugh! This procedure will look deeper into this issue...I am not exactly sure of all the details...I think my mind is officially fried when I see a Dr about hips. I am so burnt out on the subject....I want action not talk at this point! The idea I guess is that they will explore my psoas tendon to see if scar tissue is strangulating it or try to get to the root of the inflammation that literally makes my recovery seem at times impossible due to pain, as well as making walking without a cane for any kind of distance not a option at this point. This issue also makes sitting or standing for any significant amount of time a nightmare as well...bottom line this needs to be fixed. The procedure is under anesthesia and should last 45 minutes..if there is a clear passage way they will fill the area with cortisone..(oral anti inflammatory meds did not work.) If there is a bigger issue than another surgery will have to happen, but lets not go down that path at this moment. I will fill you in once I know more....
Hope You enjoy the video and please keep your fingers crossed for me..Thanks xoxo

(PS. Thank You D for recording the song for my video..you're the best!)

PPS: These are self portraits I have taken this past week..pain wise this has been a rough one, but I try to capture the moments when I can put a smile on my face :)